If you are living in India, we are sure that you would have tasted a variety of Indian fruits. No, we are not talking about the mangoes, apples, grapes, oranges, or watermelon. We are talking about different fruits, which you will mostly find in India only. But these Indian fruits are not available in every part of India. They are from different parts of India, but we are sure that you would love to taste these Indian fruits. Here, we are going to share about those Indian fruits. Let’s know about these Indian fruits, so that next time when you eat them or see them, you should at least be aware of them.

 Bael – This Indian fruit is also known as Wood Apple. Just like its name Wood Apple, its exterior surface is like wood only. One need to break it with the help of the knife, to get the fruit, as a fruit is inside it. You can easily find this fruit in different parts of India like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and other parts of India. Once you have opened it, you will find the fruit pulp inside it. The pulp of the fruit is a bit sticky and is of yellowish color. It can taste sweet as well as sour depending on whether you are eating it raw or ripen. You can eat this fruit in different ways like you can eat it fresh, or when it is completely dry, which means when its outer covering turns into brownish-yellow. Or you can also make bael sherbet using its pulp. You should also know that this fruit is mostly eaten in summers only and it is also known as summer fruit. This fruit is full of fiber and that is why consuming it is really good for health as well as digestion.

 Chakrota – This fruit is often mistaken as a different variety of lemon or mausambi, as this is also a citrus fruit like these two. It belongs to the family of citrus fruits only. They are also known as a pomelo. As they are brought from Balavia, Indonesia to India, so they are also being called as Batabi Lebu. You should know that this citrus fruit tastes a bit sour like grapefruit but it is not acidic. You will mostly find this fruit in Northeast India, at some places in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Kerala, & Karnataka, and in West Bengal. An interesting fact about this fruit is that it is being associated with a dance form also known as ‘Pomelo Dance’. This dance is performed in Meghalaya in the Garo Hills during the cultural celebrations. People tie the pomelo around the waist using a cord and then spin it.

 Carambola – This Indian fruit is also known as Star Fruit. It is found in almost all parts of India; however, it is very popular in South India. It is a green and yellow color fruit which has a waxy skin. When you will cut it, you will see that it is in the form of a star. The Carambola fruits which are unripe are generally lime green in color. The taste of the unripe Star Fruit is sour. Add salt and chilli powder to the unripe fruit, and you will enjoy its taste. The ones that ripen are usually yellow and have brown color ribs. Mostly, people use the ripe star fruit for making pickles. You can find this fruit in other countries also, but it is mostly found in India only. And that is why India is said to be one of the largest producers of Carambola. You will mostly find this fruit in the month of January and February or in September and October.

 Ambarella – These are also known as Indian Hog Plum or Wild Mango. These are generally found in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and Maharashtra. You can enjoy this fruit in different ways. They are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. They are considered very good for our health and have many benefits. The ripen Ambarella fruit has a bit of sweetness just like the pineapple, and a bit like the unripe mangoes. You can either have them in the form of a juice or can simply eat them by adding salt and chilli powder to them. Or you can also make the pickle of Ambarella. 

Phalsa – Have you ever has Phalsa before fruit? It is also known as India Sherbet Berries. The best thing about this fruit is the taste of this fruit. As it has a mix of both sweet and sour taste. Another good thing about this fruit is that it is rich in minerals. As it contains phosphorus, iron, potassium, and magnesium also. It does contain Vitamin C and Calcium as well. This fruit is of dark reddish-purple color. It is grown in almost all the parts of India, so no matter which part of India you are in, you can enjoy this sweet and sour flavor fruit anywhere. It is good for summers because of its cooling effect. Phalsa is also being used for preparing welcome drinks at many places. Most of the people prefer to eat ripe phalsa. You can add black pepper and salt to it, for a good taste. Or you can also prepare a squash out if it, for enjoying the tasty Phalsa drink.

Apart from these Indian fruits, there are many others which you may not have heard about like Khirni, Targola, Karonda (Carandas Cherry), Japani Phal (Persimmon), and a few more are there. All these Indian fruits which we have mentioned above are full of nutrients and are very healthy for us. You can consume them in different forms and can get health benefits.

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