Whole Milk v/s Toned Milk

Most of us would have grown up differentiating only the cow milk and the buffalo milk. But these days, when we go to the market and check the dairy section, there is a complete variety of milk available there. Whole Milk, Full Cream Milk, Toned Milk, Half Toned Milk, Skimmed Milk, Diet Milk, and a […]

Why Fibers Are Beneficial For Your Health?

The whole plant foods are considered to be good for health because they contain fiber. Adequate consumption of fiber can be beneficial for the digestive system and also reduces the risk of harmful chronic diseases. Fiber is also helpful for the gut and the infinite bacteria that live in the digestive system. There are different […]

Why Add Sugar-Free In Your Favorite Desert?

There are two types of people, either they love to eat sweet or they love to eat spicily. Sugar is one of the most important ingredients in Indian food. Starting the day with Tea to having Kheer at dinner, sugar is used throughout the day. Most of the Indian food items have sugar in it […]

Which Dal Is Better?

Dals are normally utilized in Indian cooking. There is no Indian family that doesn’t stock up various kinds of dals. As dals need to get ready consistently, we have a lot of dals in the menu to keep up the assortment. Other than dals are kinds of pulses that have numerous dietary benefits. The medical […]

Fruit Juice V/S Whole Fruit

Since our childhood, we have been studying that every fruit has different qualities and provides different benefits to human health. Remember “One Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”? It’s true, Apple has several qualities like antioxidants in a huge quantity and eating one apple a day every morning removes toxins and provides immunity from […]

How To Improve Metabolism With Food?

For learning how to improve metabolism with food, first, you need to understand what is Metabolism and its importance too. So basically, metabolism is a term given to a set of chemical reactions which occur in our body cells. This process leads to the growth and reproduction of our body cells and allows us to […]


The Thermogenic diet is a popular diet which works on the process of thermogenesis. This diet plan has given proven results in burning calories and helping in quick weight loss. As the name says “Thermo,” this diet plan focuses on the increased body heat of the follower. Just like while doing exercise, the more heat […]

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

We are living in a time where people are getting conscious about their health and are willing to adopt different diet plans for better health. Among the variety of diet plans being followed these days, we have The Ketogenic Diet plan. It is a low-carb diet yet high fat diet. The Ketogenic Diet entirely focuses […]

Different Types Of Diet Plan

Today, it’s important to choose our food carefully because every food choice we make today will affect our lives in the future. Following a proper nutrition diet will always help in living a healthy lifestyle all the way long. Some physical activities in the diet plan help in maintaining good body weight and also reduces […]