What is BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)?

We all know that our body needs the energy to perform various functions. The food which we eat or the beverages that we take, have calories present in it. With the help of the combination of calories and oxygen, our body gets energy. That energy is then utilized to perform different types of functions. And […]

Popular Spices in Your Kitchen?

No kitchen is complete without the spices, just like no food is complete without some popular spices being added to it. There are some popular spices which almost everyone should have in their kitchen. No matter whether you are just starting your kitchen journey or you are pro at cooking, but if your kitchen is […]

What Is Break-Fast?

Breakfast is the principal supper of a day. Every morning the first meal you consume is your breakfast. Neither too heavy not too light, breakfast contains food item which is healthy and keeps you active all day long. The History of Breakfast  The English word “supper” additionally alluded initially to breaking a quick; until its […]