Common Vitamins & Minerals Deficiencies in Vegetarians in India

Being an Indian, following a vegetarian diet is not surprising. As most of the Indian follows a vegetarian diet only. We all have been taught from our childhood that one should eat as many vegetables as we can as it helps in keeping us healthy. We have been told that vegetables are full of nutrients […]

What Is Protein?

For building muscle mass, it’s important to have the macronutrient “Protein” in the body. Mostly. Protein is found in animal products, nuts, and legumes. If we classify the macronutrients. They are found in three types: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. It’s a fact that 15% of the bodyweight Protein. The organic compounds; hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, […]

Fruit Juice V/S Whole Fruit

Since our childhood, we have been studying that every fruit has different qualities and provides different benefits to human health. Remember “One Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”? It’s true, Apple has several qualities like antioxidants in a huge quantity and eating one apple a day every morning removes toxins and provides immunity from […]


This question has always been a topic of debate that which is healthier, Rice or Chapati. Some people say that consumption of Rice regularly may increase the weight, and some say eating more Chapati increases the carb level in the body. But the truth is that the Indian meal in incomplete without Rice or Chapati. […]

How To Improve Metabolism With Food?

For learning how to improve metabolism with food, first, you need to understand what is Metabolism and its importance too. So basically, metabolism is a term given to a set of chemical reactions which occur in our body cells. This process leads to the growth and reproduction of our body cells and allows us to […]


The Thermogenic diet is a popular diet which works on the process of thermogenesis. This diet plan has given proven results in burning calories and helping in quick weight loss. As the name says “Thermo,” this diet plan focuses on the increased body heat of the follower. Just like while doing exercise, the more heat […]

Different Types Of Diet Plan

Today, it’s important to choose our food carefully because every food choice we make today will affect our lives in the future. Following a proper nutrition diet will always help in living a healthy lifestyle all the way long. Some physical activities in the diet plan help in maintaining good body weight and also reduces […]