Why Fasting Is Helpful?

Why Fasting Helpful

Fasting is a practice of skipping daily meal for a certain period of time like for some hours or a day or two. This is practiced for centuries for various religious and cultural purposes. For example, Full moon, Navratri, etc. for Hindus, Ramadan for Muslims, Good Fridays for Catholics and many different for different religions […]

Why Six Meals/Day Are Helpful For Weight-Loss?

Food is the only thing that matters to weight loss and weight gain. The thing is that everybody has not that required information about the type of diet they should take. All humans cannot follow the same diet because there are differences from the body to the body. So, there is a crack found in […]

What Are The Calories?

So basically what is a calorie? The amount of heat we need to increase the temperature of a gram of water by a degree Celsius is called Calorie. The human body receives these calories through the food they consume and the extra amount of calories results in weight gain. Calories provide energy to our bodies […]

Soyabean- The Vegetarian Protein

A lot of people are confused about Soya Bean being famous for its taste and used in fast foods is good for health or not. So this article is all about clearing your confusion about Soybean and its health benefits.  Soybean is the house of protein and is extremely healthy for humans as well as […]

What Is Protein?

For building muscle mass, it’s important to have the macronutrient “Protein” in the body. Mostly. Protein is found in animal products, nuts, and legumes. If we classify the macronutrients. They are found in three types: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. It’s a fact that 15% of the bodyweight Protein. The organic compounds; hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, […]