Advantages of Potato?

All of you must be aware of this vegetable known as Potato. It is a root that has starch present in it. In almost every part of the world, people are consuming Potato. As it can be added with most of the vegetables and can be cooked in different ways. But some people also suggest […]

Whey Protein – Casein Protein – Soy Protein

Whey Protein – Casein Protein – Soy Protein Protein intake is important for all of us no matter whether you are an athlete or an office going person, or a housewife or a school going kid. If our body does not get the proper protein it may show some harmful effect on our body. That […]

Which Dal Is Better?

Dals are normally utilized in Indian cooking. There is no Indian family that doesn’t stock up various kinds of dals. As dals need to get ready consistently, we have a lot of dals in the menu to keep up the assortment. Other than dals are kinds of pulses that have numerous dietary benefits. The medical […]