Our team consists of top Dietitians of Delhi & Delhi/NCR. They have solely worked on prescribing diet therapies for different diet and nutritional related disorders with more than a decade old experience. Our team does not offer general diet plans or scientifically un-proven fancy diets, but we offer customized diet plan on the basis of medical reports & medical history, the body’s nutritional requirements, likings of foods, scientific journals and national & international guidelines. Our team treats every client with full attention and customized plans to fulfil actual scientific requirements of not only macronutrients (Calories, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Fibers) but also micronutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants). In this way, patients see results, while eating tasty and nutritious meals. Our team breaks myths about food & nutrition and educate people to live a healthy lifestyle with the help of our sound and more than a decade old experience.

We not only serve in Delhi/NCR, but we are present in overall India also especially in Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Our team of Dietitians see Indian patients from different countries also, especially patients from Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, London, New York, Paris, and from entire Europe also.

Our Chief Dietitian & Nutritionist Mr Himanshu Rai is among the top Dietitians in Delhi or among the top 10 dietitians in Delhi or among the best dietitians in Delhi-NCR. Some people say Mr Himanshu is the best Dietitian in Delhi. Mr Himanshu writes articles for top media houses of India such as The New Indian Express, Times of India, Business World, Dainik Jagran, Mid-Day and various others.


We offer different diet solutions for different health conditions through our experienced Doctors and Nutritionists. Our state of the art modern cosy clinic has different health equipment to analyse your current health conditions and on the basis of that our experts advise you scientifically right and easy to follow diet plans.

Due to our busy schedule, most of the time it is difficult to visit clinics for your health concerns. Keeping this problem in mind, we have created an online clinic on the basis of modern technology. This would help you to visit our online clinic through your smartphone or laptop or desktop or tablet easily. Here you can talk to our experts through video calling or live chats or telephonically through your gadgets and discuss your health concerns to get scientifically validated diet solutions.

You can get an easily online appointment on your suitable time and convenience through the website or by contacting our customer care team. Our website also offers online easy payment options to buy your suitable health package and services.

Convert You Efforts Into

Our team work closely with you and ensure that you go towards your desired success. For this, we continuously monitor your every-days diet and motivate to get your optimum health. This is our endeavour to see you healthy and fit during your health journey with us. Your smile would be our success!

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Customized Nutrition Dense
Delicious Meals

Our team of Doctors and Nutritionists analyse scientifically your body’s exact nutritional requirements with the help of your blood test reports, current height-weight, BMI-BMR, Medical history, Your Docs recommendation and most importantly your food likings. On the basis of that our team prepares your customized nutrition dense delicious meals, so that you can achieve your desired health goals, while enjoying your mouth-watering delicious meals!


I would like to thank Dt Himanshu Rai from the bottom of my heart for the good body change he had bought in my lifestyle by his tips, guidance and the best diet plan, I had lost almost 10 kg in 4 months and all thanks to his amazing and totally effective diet plan.

I am so happy that I made the decision of consulting him as my weight loss dietitian and during this period he had changed the way I eat in my regular routine and also helped me to be a healthier person now.

He is the best dietitian and you all should consult him only if you are facing some issues related to your health like weight gain, weight loss and other health-related problems. He is so friendly in nature and provides the best results to his clients. I strongly recommend all to consult him as your dietitian.

Upma JaggiModel
Upma Jaggi

I am an Engineer and working in the field of IT. I was struggling with multiple health issues such as poor digestion, stomach pain, poor energy, low blood pressure and was also an underweight girl. To handle these issues, I visited multiple Doctors and was not getting proper relief, one of my Doctors suspected that I am suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and suggested contacting a Nutritionist to deal with these issues with the help of scientific diet therapy. I was searching on Google and I got in touch with Nutritionist Himanshu Rai. He asked a couple of questions and diagnosed the problem very well in a scientific manner. After proper diagnosis, he prepared a scientific diet plan based on my current health situation. His diet plan was easy to follow and scientific. He eliminated some of the food items and put me on a Gluten-free diet and lactose-free diet. Since diet was easy, I started following properly, after some time, I started getting relief from these issues. My energy level came back, I gained weight, got relief from chronic digestive issues also. His diet therapy and approach were scientific and now I am enjoying my life wholeheartedly. Thank you so much!


I am a Psychiatrist by profession and whole-day I have to sit at clinic for patients. Due to my hectic life style, I was in the habit of skipping meals and most of the time to quench my hunger, I used to eat easily available foods near to my clinic, and those were JUNK FOODS. After some time, I was feeling my energy level was low and my weight was increasing and at the same time i was also suffering from hormonal imbalance. My Gynaecologist diagnosed and told me that I am suffering from PCOS and suggested me to lose weight. I got in touch with Thinkyou team, they checked all the parameters and planned a scientific and tasty meal plan pattern for me. I followed their diet plans with full dedication and after two months, I lost 11 kg of weight. That was quite shocking because, I was eating all the delicious meals and I was losing weight also. I was feeling energetic, even I was also able to balance my hormones. Thanks Thinkyou for helping!

Sana FarooquiPshychiatrist
Sana Farooqui
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