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We are a team of experienced health professionals in the field of diet therapy. Our team consist of renowned senior Nutritionists, Doctors, and veteran senior persons from food & nutrition Industry. They have solely worked on prescribing diet therapies for different ailments and nutrition products internationally for more than a decade. Our team do not offer general diet plans or scientifically un- proven fancy diet, but we offer customized diet plan on the basis of medical reports & history, body’s requirements, likings of foods, scientific journals and national & international guidelines. Our team treats every client with full attention and customized plans to fulfil actual scientific requirements of not only macronutrients (Calories, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Fibers), but also of micronutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants). By this way clients see results, while eating tasty and nutritious meals. Our team breaks myths about food & nutrition and educate people to live healthy lifestyle with the help of our sound and decade old experience.

I am a Psychiatrist by profession and whole-day I have to sit at clinic for patients. Due to my hectic life style, I was in the habit of skipping meals and most of the time to quench my hunger, I used to eat easily available foods near to my clinic, and those were JUNK FOODS. After some time, I was feeling my energy level was low and my weight was increasing and at the same time i was also suffering from hormonal imbalance. My Gynaecologist diagnosed and told me that I am suffering from PCOS and suggested me to lose weight. I got in touch with Thinkyou team, they checked all the parameters and planned a scientific and tasty meal plan pattern for me. I followed their diet plans with full dedication and after two months, I lost 11 kg of weight. That was quite shocking because, I was eating all the delicious meals and I was losing weight also. I was feeling energetic, even I was also able to balance my hormones. Thanks Thinkyou for helping!

Sana FarooquiPshychiatrist

I am a Pharmacist and doing my own business in the field of Chemicals. I was struggling to lose extra kilos. For that I was doing every-possible efforts for weight loss such as yoga, sports and dieting etc, but my foodie nature to taste different cuisines was restricting me. When I contacted Thinkyou team, I told them clearly about my food-love and my goal to lose weight, they heard me properly and prepared a delicious and scientific diet plan for weight loss. In one month after following their scientific diet plan, I LOST 5 KGs. Their Dieticians and Doctors are very cooperative and respond immediately on call. I love the way they counsel!

Krishna MishraPharmacist

I am a food blogger by profession, it is my passion to write blogs on different food recipes. When I visited Thinkyou.in, I was quite amazed that they have given information about the healthy diet and nutrition in scientific manner. I am a regular visitor of Thinkyou.in for more information about the health, nutrition and recipes. I recommend this website to every-one to visit this website for food related common issues.

RichaFood Blogger

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