All of you must be aware of this vegetable known as Potato. It is a root that has starch present in it. In almost every part of the world, people are consuming Potato. As it can be added with most of the vegetables and can be cooked in different ways. But some people also suggest that one should not consume more potatoes especially, those who are trying to lose weight. Whereas on the other hand, people are suggesting the consumption of potatoes, as it has many benefits. Potato is not just useful when consumed, but it is also useful when applied to the skin. There are different types of potatoes available in the world.

Potato contains different nutrients also that make it beneficial for us. When consuming one cup of roasted or baked potatoes, they only contain around 129 calories. But when consume one cup of mashed potatoes, they have around 214 calories. They are rich in potassium and fiber. They also have iron present in them. Below we have shared some advantages of Potato, with the help of which you will know how beneficial it is.

Good for digestion – Whether you need fiber for the digestion or you need carbohydrates and calories to increase the energy level during the digestion related problems like diarrhea. Potato is helpful in all these conditions. The fiber present in the potato helps in promoting digestion and it also keeps the bowel movement regular. Our body needs to fuel up during the digestion process. And potato contains enough amount of carbohydrates, which helps in fuel our body. During diarrhea, we lose potassium also, but potatoes help in fulfilling the potassium requirement in our body. So, try to eat mashed or baked potatoes to get this benefit.

Helps in sleeping – For sleeping properly, our muscles also need to relax. And potato contains potassium in it which works as a muscle relaxant. This helps in providing one with proper sleep.

Remove dark circles – Most of you must be aware of this advantage of potato. Using raw sliced potatoes or using potato juice is quite beneficial for dark circles. You can either place the sliced raw potatoes on your eyes around the dark circle area for around 15 to 20 minutes every day. Or you can use cotton balls dipped in potato juice on the dark circles to get rid of them. Do it regularly, and you will see the difference in just a few days only.

Helpful in weight management – We all know that it is suggested not to eat potatoes when you are on a weight loss diet. But on the other hand, we also suggest that potatoes can help in weight management as they are quite bulky. We are not asking you to eat fried potatoes or potato chips or French fries. But we are asking you to eat baked, roasted, boiled, or mashed potatoes. Because of being bulky, they make us feel fuller for a long duration. So, we do not feel hungry again and again. This will help in controlling our appetite.

Boosts metabolism – Potatoes also contain Vitamin B6 in them. The presence of Vitamin B6 in the potatoes is quite helpful, as they help in breaking the proteins and carbohydrates into the amino acids and glucose. This helps in providing energy to the body for performing different activities.

Good for skin – Potatoes are also helpful in protecting our skin from damage, as it contains Vitamin C in it. The presence of Vitamin C in the potatoes acts as an antioxidant. You can apply potato juice or grated potato on your skin to get the benefit from it. The dust, pollution, sun, etc causes damage to the skin and makes it look dull. But applying potato juice on it helps in preventing these kinds of damages and also treat the skin by improving the skin texture and making it free of wrinkles.

Improves heart health – The content present in the potato supports heart health. From fiber to potassium, Vitamin B6 to Vitamin C, they all are quite helpful in improving heart health. The presence of fiber in the potato helps lower the blood cholesterol level.

These numerous advantages of potato make it a perfect food for us. The kind of negativity which potato receives because of being high in carbohydrates, one should know that it also makes it good for our health in different ways. There are many other advantages also like folate present in the potato helps in preventing different types of cancerous cells formation. It is also good for immunity and bone health. So, do not be afraid of adding potatoes in your diet but stay away from the oily and fried potato or potato food items.

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