In our day to day life, we all use Desi ghee also and refined oil also. Both are considered good for cooking, whether you are cooking vegetables in it or you are cooking anything else or you are applying them on the chapatis or parathas. But there are differences between the two. Some people consider that Desi Ghee is better than refined oil as it is healthy for cooking. On the other hand, there are people and even doctors also say that refined oil is better than desi ghee. We know that it is quite confusing to decide which one is better, that is why we are here to help you out. We are going to share with you some differences between desi ghee and refined oil. Based on their differences and their benefits, you can decide which one you can have. Also, when you will know the difference between the two, you will use them wisely in cooking different food items.


Ghee is also known as clarified butter. In most of the Indian houses, ghee is being used for cooking. Ghee can be prepared easily at home also. It is also available in the market, so one can buy it too. For preparing it at home, one needs to heat the butter, till it starts boiling. When it will start boiling, you will have to sieve the ghee or you can simply pour the ghee in any container and can start using it for different purposes. In India, Ghee is considered as a traditional source of fat.

Refined Oil

Refined oil is the oil that is extracted by the vegetables and some nuts. One cannot prepare refined oil at home. However, in the market, you will find a variety of refined oils. Like canola refined oil, safflower refined oil, mustard refined oil, groundnut or peanut refined oil, and a few others. When the original oil gets extracted from the vegetables and nuts it is not free of toxins. Also, it may taste bad and the odour may also be very strong. So, to get rid of the toxins, bad taste, and strong odour, the oil undergoes the chemical treatment and that makes it a refined oil.

Differences between Ghee and Refined Oil

Nutritional Value – When we check the nutritional value of Ghee, you should know that it is not just high in fat. But there are many other nutrients also present in it. Like it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D also. It also contains Omega-3 Fatty acids which are good for us and our health. We know that Ghee contains too much fat, but you should also know that it has a good amount of healthy fats also, which is good for us. Talking about the refined oil, so we already mentioned that there are a variety of refined oils. So, their nutritional value also differs from each other. They do contain different nutrients but not in one oil. Like some of them have a good amount of Vitamin E present in them, whereas the other has Vitamin A or Vitamin K, etc. So, this means that you can get most of the nutrients by consuming Ghee. But in one refined oil, you may not find all the nutrients.

Calories – We all know that Ghee has a high amount of fat present in it. But when talking about the calories in ghee, you should know that they are less than the refined oil. According to most of the online sources, 1 tablespoon of ghee contains around 90 to 100 calories. But if we talk about different refined oils, the calorie count of them is slightly high than the ghee. Most of them contain around 125 or above calories in 1 tablespoon of refined oil.

Preparation – Ghee is not prepared using any chemical treatment. It is simply prepared by heating the butter. This means it is natural and is not processed food. However, the refined oils are prepared by doing the chemical treatment on the vegetable and nut oils extracted from the different sources. Refined oil is not natural and it is a processed oil. Some of the refined oils are highly processed.

Health benefits – Despite having a lot of fat present in the ghee, it has numerous health benefits if consumed in moderation. Like it is good for your heart and cholesterol but as we just mentioned that one should consume it in the limit. It helps in boosting your immunity. It keeps one warm when consumed during winters. Ghee also contains antioxidants which are good for our health and our body. One can add ghee separately also to different types of food items. Talking about the refined oils, so you should know that refined do not contain so many health benefits except for the few. Like canola oil or olive oil is good for weight loss. Some of the refined oils do contain anti-inflammatory properties. The refined oils which have Vitamin E present in them are good for our health and our skin also.

So, now we have discussed some of the differences between ghee and refined oil. We know that people these days are replacing ghee with refined oil because of the fat. But if we look at the overall differences between the ghee and refined oil, we can say that ghee is better than the refined oils for consumption because of its numerous benefits.


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