No matter how good you are in cooking, but if you do not have the right kitchen utensils, your cooking skills cannot be used. As to cook anything, there are some kitchen utensils which you should have in your kitchen for food preparation. Different types of cooking require different types of cooking utensils. There are a variety of kitchen utensils available in the market these days which you might not be even aware of. So, here we are going to tell you about the different types of cooking utensils that should be there in your kitchen. Knowing about the kitchen utensils is very important especially when you are setting up a new kitchen. Every home should have a kitchen with all the required cooking utensils.

Cooking Pans – Your kitchen is incomplete if there are no pans in your kitchen. And when we say pans, we not just mean stainless steel pan or non-stick pan. We mean different types of pans that are being used for cooking different food items. Like for frying food items, we have frying pans. Similarly, there are different types of pans that you may need for heating food, or shallow cooking or for sautéing, etc. Frying pans, saucepans, non-stick pans, ceramic pans, and a few more. We cannot suggest one, as they all are being used for different purposes are essential for different types of cooking.

Measuring cups and spoons – We know many of us to have the habit of putting ingredients in the food or taking food just by guessing the quantity required. But you would have seen that in most of the recipes the chef mention required quantity for that particular taste. Even in our day to day life also, if we want to have a balanced diet, we need to consume food in moderation by measuring the quantity. And for that only we have measuring cups and spoons. For big ingredients like flour, rice, pulses, chopped onions, tomato puree, etc, we can use measuring cups. Whereas for small ingredients like sugar, salt, coffee powder, chilli powder, cooking oil, spices, etc. we can use measuring spoons. In the market, you will find measuring spoons and measuring cups made of different metals like wood, plastic, and stainless steel.

Knives and Chopping Board – We know that the two are the different cooking utensils. But we have put them together as they are generally used together. Just like the pans, there are a variety of knives also available for different purposes. Like for cutting fruits and vegetables, a different knife is there. Whereas for cutting meat, fish, etc. different knife is required. Be it the slicing or the peeling or the crushing, your kitchen needs a good set of knives for various purposes. Or you can buy a chef’s knife which serves various purposes and you will not have to buy a complete set of knives. When it is about the chopping board, you can decide whether you need a plastic chopping board or a wooden chopping board. If you need a lightweight chopping board, you can go with a plastic one. But if you need a sturdy chopping board, go for the wooden.

Mixing bowls – Well, many of you must be thinking that why to have a mixing bowl. As many of you might not be into baking. But you should know that mixing bowls is not just being used for baking. In case if you want to add seasoning and sausages to your salad or boiled veggies, you will need a mixing bowl. When making omelettes or marinating meat, then also you will need mixing bowls. There are many Indian dishes for which you will need mixing bowl like raita, bhelpuri, mixed sprouts, etc. Mostly people prefer using mixing bowls made of glass. But you should know that stainless steel mixing bowls are also available in the market now. They are available in both small and big sizes, so you can but it according to your requirements.

Spoons and spatulas – Another important cooking utensil, which is not just being used for cooking purposes but is also being used for serving and eating. There are a variety of spoons and spatulas available in the market. You can find wooden spoons, stainless steel spoons, and even plastic spoons also. Similarly, you will get wooden and stainless-steel spatula in the market. They are available in different sizes like we say a teaspoon, tablespoon, etc. We usually suggest people buy spoons and spatula made using wood. As they will not scratch your pans and unlike plastic, they will not melt.

Blenders – For the preparation of smoothies, mixed juices and drinks, sauces, dips, mocktails, cocktails, shakes, and a few other things, you will need blenders. It is an electronic cooking utensil or equipment. Some people count it in the utensils whereas some people consider it as cooking equipment. There are different brands of blenders available in the market. You can get it from the brand which you want.

These are the different types of cooking utensils which you should get for your kitchen. But no, the list is not complete. As we have just mentioned some of the important utensils only. There are many more cooking utensils that your kitchen requires like cooking pots, kitchen tongs, rolling pin, plates, bowls, glasses, and a few others. Without these things your kitchen is incomplete.


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