Do you also take carbonated water very often? If yes, then you should read the information we have shared here about the carbonated beverages. We all are well aware of the fact that in no ways the carbonated beverages are going to help our health or us. Whether you drink the sugary carbonated soft drinks or you replace it with the carbonated water like sparkling water, none of them is said to be good for our health. They may taste good, may make you feel refreshed, but in the long term, they may have a degrading effect on your health. After several researches, it has been mentioned that carbonated beverages are not good for one. Carbonated water at some point is still better than the carbonated beverages which have other ingredients present in it.

What are carbonated beverages?

Carbonated beverages are those drinks which have carbon dioxide gas infused in it under pressure along with the other ingredients. They do contain sugar content also in them. The presence of carbon dioxide in the beverages make it a bubbly beverage because of the bubbles formed in it. All the soft drinks which you drink are carbonated beverages only. There is plain carbonated water also, which is available in different forms like fizzy water, sparkling water, soda water, etc. People need to understand that carbonated water is acidic, and that is why it may affect us. However, it is also being said that drinking the carbonated water may not affect us that much as our blood maintains the alkaline pH level of around 7.35 to 7.45, no matter what we drink or what we eat.

How Carbonated Beverages affect our health in different ways?

See, we cannot completely blame the carbonated beverages for the effect on our health. As when we drink carbonated water, they do not affect us a lot. But when we drink the sugary and citric acid added a carbonated drink, it is going to affect us. It is also being said and has been proven also that drinking carbonated water can help in getting relief from constipation or acidity problems. But remember, we said carbonated water and not the carbonated beverages. We know that carbonated water also comes under the carbonated beverages only, however, it is different than those beverages which have added ingredients in them. One more thing which you all should know about the carbonated water is that it also contains different minerals in it. Now, let’s see the effect of carbonated beverages on our health in different ways.

Tooth Decay – Yes, drinking carbonated beverages which have added ingredients in them, definitely affect our tooth and leads to tooth decay. Most of the carbonated beverages have sugar, salt, and acids being added to them. This makes the beverage a cariogenic and acidogenic which leads to the enamel erosion when you drink them. If you feel that carbonated water or the carbon dioxide is the culprit for tooth decay you are wrong. We know that carbonic acid is being added in the water to make it carbonated water, and it is very acidic also. But research has been done, and it has been mentioned that mixing or infusing carbon dioxide in water does not harm the teeth enamel. It is the other ingredients which are present in the carbonated beverages which affect the teeth.

Digestion – As the carbonated beverages have added acidic content in them, it may lead to the gas and bloating when you drink it. Also, as they form bubbles due to the carbon dioxide infused in them, this can lead to bloating of the stomach. However, in many cases, it may provide us with relief also. As we just mentioned above that drinking carbonated water and can help during the acidity and constipation. But in case, if you have faced stomach issues after consuming carbonated beverages, you should avoid drinking it.

 Bone Density – The same thing which we mentioned above, we would like to add it here also, that not all carbonated beverages affect the bone density or lead to the calcium loss. It is mostly because of the carbonated soft drinks which you consume like cola, which affects the bone density. Especially, the women who have low mineral bone density, they face this problem a lot when drinking carbonated soft drinks. The presence of phosphorus in these carbonated soft drinks lead to calcium loss.

 So, now you know who to blame for all these problems. We are not saying that carbonated beverages are good for us. But we are also not saying that carbonated beverages are bad for us. And it is because not all the carbonated beverages may harm you. If you choose plain carbonated water over the sugary carbonated water, it will be better.

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