Since our childhood, we have been studying that every fruit has different qualities and provides different benefits to human health. Remember “One Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”? It’s true, Apple has several qualities like antioxidants in a huge quantity and eating one apple a day every morning removes toxins and provides immunity from harmful germs. Same way every fruit contributes to good health. Eating a complete fruit provides more benefits than drinking fruit juice. 

Whole fruit juice will contain more nutrients than normal fruit juice that’s why it’s more healthier. The whole fruit juice will basically contain the skin and the pulp of the fruit and a simple fruit juice will contain only the juice squeezed out of the fruit, the rest of the fruit is thrown away. With that leftover part, the fruit juice also removes a lot of healthy nutrients present in the pulp and the skin of that particular fruit. 

Benefits of Fruit Parts

  1. Fruit Skin

    The fruits whose skin is allowed to be eaten are considered to be the healthiest fruits. For example, Apple, Raisins, Prunes, Plums, Pears, Grapes, Figs, Blueberries, Apricots, and strawberries. The skin of the fruit is in direct contact with the sun due to which a lot of healthy chemical reactions in the fruit take place making them healthier to eat. The fruits contain nutrients which protect our bodies from germs and provide us with immunity from harmful virus. The skin of grapes is considered to be a remedy for people fighting with cancer. Juice of the fruit doesn’t provide all the nutrients which a whole fruit or a whole fruit juice can provide.
  2. Fruit Pulp

    The fruit pulp is the most enjoyable part of the fruit, most of the time it is sweet and contains the juice. It has multiple nutrients and is extremely healthy for humans. You must have heard from your grandparents that “don’t just drink the juice but also eat the orange pulp. It contains fiber and vitamins.”  Orange is rich in Vitamin C and it is good for keeping your eyesight strong. The pulp of the fruit is the most valuable part and it is the reason why we all love eating fruits.  
    Juice reduces the amount of fiber in the fruit. For example, It is obvious that an apple will contain more fiber than apple juice. It has a lot of pulp and lesser juice in it which makes the consumer throw a lot of fiber contained apple pulp in the dustbin after taking the juice out of it. For making 1 glass of apple juice, 3 to 4 full-size apples will be required. After the process of extracting juice from apple, around 12 to 14 grams of fiber is lost and which is half of the entire quantity of fiber present in those 3 to 4 apples.How to determine if the juice in healthy or unhealthy?The way of consuming the fruit juice tells that its healthy or not. Readymade fruit juice is a little unhealthy as juice makers add other ingredients in the juice like sugar, salt and spices to make it tastier but it reduces the amount the raw nutrients in the juice. Fruits support the metabolism of the body to a great extent and help in producing a good amount of energy in our body. The fruit juice which is available in the market does not have the complete nutrients of the fruit and it also has a lot of sweeteners and preservatives added to it. So what people gain after consuming these readymade fruit juices is a large number of calories, not the actual nutrients.




    Eating fruit is always better than drinking fruit juice but if you only have the juice as your option then drinking a whole fruit juice will be a better choice. A complete fruit with its skin and pulp is always a better choice. So next time when you have an option to eat or drink a fruit then eat it or drink it but the entire fruit should be in! And, don’t forget to throw the big seeds present inside.

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