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Kids Diet Plan

Childhood nutrition plays an important role in a child’s growth and development. With the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity, it is important to seek guidance from a qualified child nutritionist near you. The best nutrition consultation for kids in New Delhi can be found from Himanshu Rai, a senior dietician and chief nutritionist who specializes in childhood nutrition. Don’t neglect your child’s health, seek professional advice for optimal growth and development. Himanshu Rai is a certified Dietitian and clinical nutritionist in New Delhi. He is also an award winning dietitian with 15+ years of experience and served over 55000 clients globally

What is a Pediatric Nutrition Consultant and why is it helpful for the development of children?

A pediatric nutrition consultant is a specialist who provides personalized nutrition guidance and support for infants, children, and adolescents. They are trained to address a wide range of nutritional concerns including picky eating, food allergies, weight management and chronic conditions.

A pediatric nutritionist can help children achieve optimal growth and development by creating a customized nutrition plan based on their individual needs and preferences. They can also educate parents and caregivers on healthy eating habits and provide practical strategies for meal planning and preparation.

By working with a pediatric nutrition consultant, parents can be sure their child is getting the nutrients they need to grow and maintain good health. This can have a positive impact on a child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being now and in the future. Please check online rating & review before choosing your dietitian and nutritionist

Quick Facts:

  1. According to UNICEF one in 10 obese children globally will be from India by 2030.
  2. WHO says online gaming, online food delivery is one of the driving sources of childhood obesity.
  3. According to WHO, childhood obesity is one of the serious health challenges in the world.
  4. Obese children are at risk of Diabetes, Heart diseases, Bone & Joint problems, emotional issues, sleep issues and Cancers also.
Kids Diet Plan


Childhood obesity is a serious health problem, it leads children to many complications such as heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, poor physique, depression and poor self-confidence. This can be easily analyzed through scientific calculations like BMI, Ideal Body Weight and many other techniques.


  • Fatigue, breath shortness, excess sweating, constipation.
  • Snoring, sleeping issues.
  • Joint pain, dislocated hips, flat feet and knock knees.
  • Stretch marks, extra fat tissues in the breast areas (uncomfortable for boys).
  • Early puberty in girls and delayed puberty in boys.


  • Regular intake of junk and high calorie foods.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Spending too much time on phone/tablets/tv/computer.
  • Genetics and hormonal issues.
  • Lack of access of parks, playgrounds, few or no friends.
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, boredom, sadness etc.

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Thinkyou’s scientific & customized diet plans are helpful to tackle the case of childhood obesity by the way of scientific, nutritious and tasty meal plans along with the lifestyle changes to reduce unhealthy extra kilos. Loosing weight can reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases and would be also helpful to improve kid’s overall look and confidence. For effective and sustainable weight loss, our team of Doctors and Nutritionists analyse body’s requirements of not only calories, but also of various nutrients such as protein, sugar, fat, carbohydrate, fibres, vitamins & minerals also. Diet plans are prepared in such a way that our clients should not feel lethargic, hungry and any damage to body’s vital organs.

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