We are living in the 20th century where the new trends are drifting swiftly among the crowd and every individual wants to modernize themselves with not only accepting but also taxing themselves with all the Avant – grade trends. One among these is Kitchen Gardening.  Kitchen Graden is the area inside the house where one […]

Different types of Exercises in Gym

Exercise Gym

Going to the gym is slowly becoming a trend, but not everyone is aware of the gym exercises and the gym machines which they have to use. First of all, you need to know why you are going to the gym. As people go to the gym for different reasons. Like some people go to […]

Does Adding Milk in Your Tea Good?

We know that in India, most of the people are tea lovers. And when we say tea lovers, we do not mean the black tea lovers or green tea lovers. But we are talking about the people who love drinking tea with milk or you can call it milk tea. We know that adding milk […]

Different Types of Cooking Utensils in your Kitchen

No matter how good you are in cooking, but if you do not have the right kitchen utensils, your cooking skills cannot be used. As to cook anything, there are some kitchen utensils which you should have in your kitchen for food preparation. Different types of cooking require different types of cooking utensils. There are […]

Green Tea v/s White Tea

The debate on different types of tea is endless, as everyone prefers to have their own tea, be it the green tea, black, tea, white tea, or the milk tea. Tea is one such beverage that is popular all over the world. In some places, herbal teas are also popular. It is the most consumed […]

Kitchen Spices for Good Health

We all have been using spices in our kitchen from a long time. But we never thought that these kitchen spices can be good for our health also. We always considered these kitchen spices as the ingredients that add flavor or taste to our dishes and make our food spicy. But you should know that […]

Brown Rice v/s White Rice

We all have been hearing this from a long time that we should consider eating brown rice instead of eating white rice. Rice is one such grain that is popular in all over the world and most of the people eat rice in different forms. However, in Asian countries, rice is more popular in comparison […]


What comes to your mind when you hear about these three – Sugar, Jaggery, and Honey? The only thing which relates them in the best manner is sweetness. These three are the different types of sweetening agents which we use in different forms. All three of them are sweet but they are extracted from different […]

Small portion size of food for weight loss

There are different ways of weight loss which are being used these days. One need to understand that weight loss is not just about the exercises you do or the intermittent fasting you do or the keto diet you follow. You also need to look after the amount of food you are consuming even if […]

Tea v/s Coffee

It might sound funny, but the fight between tea lovers and coffee lovers is going on for a long time. The good thing is that they both have different benefits which make them a great and healthier beverage. But whether the tea is better than coffee or coffee is better than tea, this is still […]