Why Colour-Full Foods Are Essential In The Tiffin Of Your Kid?

Tiffin Box

A school is a child’s second home and spends most of his/her time in school. You are sitting in class and your stomach is starting to rumble. Finally, the bell rings and it’s time for lunch-woo hoo! But wait what are you exactly eating? What’s there in your tiffin boxes? More than other meals, kids […]

Coconut Milk


Coconut Milk has become popular these days, especially among the vegans. It is obtained from the flesh of the coconut. Coconut milk is white just like the milk, and coconut flesh is ground to obtain coconut milk. There are many health benefits of coconut milk which you might not be aware of. The good part […]

Deep Breathing Exercise

Breathing is a paramount fragment, a requisite of life which transpire with the elimination of tingle thought. This is the indispensable process without which there is zero existence. When one inhales, the oxygen(O2) is grossed in the blood cells to extricate carbon dioxide(CO2). Carbon Dioxide is a splurge product that is transferred back through one’s […]

Diet According To Your Genetics

The lesson that current scientific studies have provided to a living being of the present century is that there are no one-size-fits if we look at it as diet recommendation. Every individual’s body is distinct and has it’s own requirements. Every physique requires contrasting nutrients and in disputed amount which is non-identical for everyone. One […]

Healthy Meal Is Impotant For Your Kid’s Health

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy Gone are the days when only fathers used to work outside and mothers used to babysit in the house. Today, in the modern scenario, couples are working to meet the increased standard and cost of living, leaving minimum time with them to look after their kids. The major impact which takes […]

Why Soy Milk is Good?

Soya Milk

Soy Milk is a form of milk that is made using soybeans. It is not a new kind of milk which has been introduced recently but it is in use for a long time. In Asia, it is also considered as a part of the traditional diet. And at present, Soy Milk is being used […]

Why Nonstick Cook-wares are Good?

Non Stick Cook Ware

We are sure that you all must be using Non-stick Cookware from a long time in your kitchen. Even in the cookery shows also, you all would have seen the chefs using non-stick pans for cooking different types of food items. But have you ever thought that the non-stick cookware is good to use or […]

Different types of Exercises in Gym

Exercise Gym

info@thinkyou.in Call us on: 7701858552 Linkedin Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube Pinterest Call Now EXERCISE AND DIET PLAN FOR GYM – MAKE SURE IS YOUR NUTRITION REQUIREMENT FULFILED With the rising popularity of going to the gym, it’s important to understand the exercises and machines involved. Before starting, determine your goal for going to the gym, […]

Advantages of Brisk Walking

Brisk Walking

We all have been told from a long time that walking is good for our health. But how you walk is also what matters a lot. If you walk very slowly, you may cover a good distance but it will not do any good for your health. Instead, it will only make you tired. That […]

Popular North Indian Foods

North Indian Food

India is famous for many things, like the Indian culture, Indian history, Indian traditions, and Indian food too. You will get to taste a variety of Indian food from different parts of India, be it North India or South India, or the different states. When it comes to spicy food, north Indian food is praised […]