It might sound funny, but the fight between tea lovers and coffee lovers is going on for a long time. The good thing is that they both have different benefits which make them a great and healthier beverage. But whether the tea is better than coffee or coffee is better than tea, this is still unknown. They have many similar benefits, but along with that, they have many differences also. It is a personal choice of one that which of the two beverages they like the most. Despite drinking these two beverages regularly, people are still unaware of the benefits of tea and coffee. Most importantly, they differ in the taste, and that is what is more important for tea lovers and coffee lovers.

But here, we will not just differentiate them based on their taste, but we will also differentiate in between the different health benefits the two have. To decide which one is more beneficial and better, it is quite difficult, because both have their benefits. Both of them are popular around the world, and we do have different variations of tea and coffee available in the different parts of the world. So, you can read below the different benefits these two beverages have and the difference between them. And then you can decide it by yourself only, that which one you would like to go for.

If you are fond of drinking tea or coffee but without the added sugar, then any of the two can be good for you. As they have antioxidant properties and have different nutrients also which help in preventing several diseases and put a positive impact on your health as well.

Tea – Just drinking tea is not enough, if you are a real lover of tea, you should also know about this information which we are going to share here. The tea leaves which we use for making the tea, are said to have a good amount of phytochemicals present in them, which are also known as catechins. The catechins have high antioxidant properties. People who drink black tea, are said to have a lower risk of getting any heart disease. There are different types of teas which are recommended to drink for different benefits. There are many herbal teas which are beneficial for our health, due to the numerous benefits they have. One of them is green tea, which is often recommended for weight loss or heart diseases.

Coffee – Just like the tea, coffee also has antioxidants present in it. No matter whether you drink caffeinated coffee or you drink decaffeinated coffee, they both have antioxidants present in them. These antioxidants are known as chlorogenic acid. One of the important minerals that are found in coffee is magnesium. The antioxidant properties of coffee and the presence of magnesium in it helps in saving one from different health risks. Like decreasing the inflammation, regulating blood sugar level, improving the insulin level, etc.

Pros of Tea – We already mentioned above that tea has antioxidants present in them, and that is beneficial in different ways. It helps in reducing and fighting the inflammation. They help in improving brain health. A cup of tea after a day full of work can be good for reducing the stress level. Those who drink tea regularly have a low risk of heart diseases and stroke. Drinking tea also impacts on one’s memory and they are said to have a better memory. If you are worried about the aging, then start drinking tea from today itself, as they are linked with the anti-aging properties also. The bone density level is also higher in those who drink tea.

Cons of Tea – It is being said that consuming tea can lead to a reduction in the absorption of iron in the body. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then also the consumption of tea is not good for you. Regular consumption of tea also makes your teeth look stained.

Pros of Coffee – The antioxidant properties present in the coffee are really helpful. As it has been researched that coffee consumption can help in protecting one against different types of cancers. They also help in preventing Parkinson’s Disease and reduced the risk of diabetes. If you are feeling low, drinking black coffee can help you by boosting your energy level.

Cons of Coffee – It is believed that coffee can lead to some digestion related problems, as it is quite acidic in compare to the tea. If you drink unfiltered coffee, they tend to increase the cholesterol level also. The caffeine content in coffee is quite higher in comparison with the tea, so if you have a problem with caffeine, do not drink coffee at all. Also, if you are suffering from insomnia, try to avoid drinking coffee during night hours or limit your consumption of coffee. Caffeine present in coffee can raise your blood pressure also.

Now, as you know the pros and cons of both tea and coffee, it is your individual choice to decide which one you would like to go for. As both have some health benefits and some problems too, but they make a healthy beverage.


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