So basically what is a calorie?

The amount of heat we need to increase the temperature of a gram of water by a degree Celsius is called Calorie. The human body receives these calories through the food they consume and the extra amount of calories results in weight gain. Calories provide energy to our bodies and are responsible for the perfect functioning of our bodies. The human body stores calories from the food and then burn them just like fuel. So, we can consider calories as the fuel of our bodies. For weight loss, people try to decrease caloric intake and do regular exercise to burn them.

Calories are extremely important for everyone because a body cannot survive without calories. Only the thing is that, if our body has stored more amount of calories than it needs then these calories result in weight gain. To balance calorie intake, dieters do a lot of exercises to burn those calories every day so that they do not store excess calories in the body. As mentioned above, a calorie is basically not a thing but it’s a unit of measuring the energy for the body. To stay fit and finer, healthy and energetic calories are required. Every movement made by the human body requires some energy which is gained in the form of these calories.  

 Food is important for our body in many forms just like fuels to run our body. The more healthy food we consume provides our bodies with a balanced amount of calories, important nutrients and helps us in building strong bones. Not only has the food, but a lot of drinks also contained good calories which are healthy. But to the fact that, drinks like Soda contain calories but which have zero nutrition value. For a healthy life, the selection of food that we consume is extremely important.

Calories and weight gain

When calories are stored in a large number in the body and all that stored energy is not consumed, then these stored calories result in weight gain. The not-used calories in the body are considered to be body fat. And, as we know that too much fat in the body can cause several health problems.

The most important thing here is to understand the caloric needs of the body. The body requires only that much amount of calories which is essential for metabolic functions in the body as well as the daily physical activities. There are a lot of formulas and online calculator available which help in calculating the caloric needs. You may give it a try and see what the output is.

Key Learning:

On average, from 1500 to 3000 calories per day is the number of calories required for an adult. Obviously, the calorie intake varies from person to person but within this scale, everybody fits in. It has been observed that men eat a little more than women because the body structure of men and women is different. An average woman has a smaller body structure than an average man and that’s why women need a lesser amount of fuel as compared to the man.

At the end of the day, the caloric intake depends on the metabolism and the activity level of a body which is either a man or a woman.

Food and Calories

Keeping in mind that fat has more calories per gram than other food items that we consume. Therefore, dieters try to eat healthy food which is limited and required by the body. Some fats are good just like Polyunsaturated fat is good fat and helps and maintaining a healthy heart.


There are several ways to lose weight and to maintain a good life which is healthy physically and mentally. Choosing the right food and controlling portions is the key to a nutrient-rich diet and a healthy future.

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