Whey Protein – Casein Protein – Soy Protein

Protein intake is important for all of us no matter whether you are an athlete or an office going person, or a housewife or a school going kid. If our body does not get the proper protein it may show some harmful effect on our body. That is why we are always suggested to have a protein-rich diet every day. Our overall health is dependent on the protein including the growth of our muscles. Especially, for the ones who are athletes, that is why they need lots of protein shake. The 3 most important types of protein required are whey protein, casein protein, and soy protein. These three proteins are very essential and have different benefits also. Let’s know in detail about these 3 proteins.

 Whey Protein – This protein is said to be an animal-based or milk-based protein, as it is obtained from the cow’s milk only. This protein is very important for our body as it includes all the amino acids in it which are required by our body. For the athletes and gym-goers, whey protein is said to be an important and favorite supplement. You can find this protein in the dairy product also like milk and in cheese and yogurt’s by-product also. It is also being sold in the form of powdered supplement which is mixed with different types of drinks and shakes.

Benefits of Whey Protein:

  • Whey protein is helpful for those who want to shed some weight as it helps in losing body fat and maintain lean muscles.
  • According to research, it has also been found that whey protein helps lower the LDL Cholesterol which is not good for our health.
  • Drinking shakes or beverages that have whey protein in them helps in reducing the blood pressure level in the patients who are suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Consuming whey protein regularly helps in recovering from the muscle damage which has occurred due to the exercise.


    Casein Protein – This protein is also a milk-based protein like the whey protein. Around 80 percent of the protein present in milk is the casein protein. But this protein digests very slowly. It is rich in amino acids and contains all the amino acids which our body need for processing. Other than the amino acids, the casein protein also consists of different types of bioactive compounds which are good for our health. There are 2 forms of Casein Protein, one is the Micellar Casein and the other is the Casein Hydrolysate. 

    Benefits of Casein Protein:


    • There are some peptides present in the casein protein which have antioxidants properties present in them. These antioxidants help in fighting and removing free radicals from our body. You can easily use 
    • Consuming Casein protein also helps in improving dental health as they have calcium, hydroxide, and phosphate present in it. It is also good for preventing your tooth from tooth decaying bacteria.
    • It helps in promoting fat loss and is good for those who are dieting for weight loss. They should include casein protein in their diet.

      Soy Protein – By the name only, you would have guessed that this protein is plant-based protein. It is often said that the vegetarians and vegans are not able to get good protein because they do not consume animal-based protein. But you should know that soy protein is a really good source of protein and it can complete your daily protein requirement also. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, everyone can consume this protein. This protein is lactose-free and is free of cholesterol also. The good thing is that this protein is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and it does have amino acids also. 

      Benefits of Soy Protein:


      • Consuming soy protein regularly helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level in your body.
      • Soy protein is also good for boosting energy. Whether you are drinking soy milk or you are consuming tofu, they all help in boosting energy as they have amino acids present in them.
      • Soy protein helps prevent the loss of minerals from the body. It also helps in making your bones stronger.
      • Soy protein helps replace meat protein. If you are a vegan, do not worry about your protein intake, as you have soy protein to fulfil your protein needs.

        As we just discussed above the three important proteins and their benefits. So, we hope now you will understand their importance and will increase your protein intake. Also, try to maintain the balance between all the proteins, so that your body does not lack any of them.





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