Most of us would have grown up differentiating only the cow milk and the buffalo milk. But these days, when we go to the market and check the dairy section, there is a complete variety of milk available there. Whole Milk, Full Cream Milk, Toned Milk, Half Toned Milk, Skimmed Milk, Diet Milk, and a lot other. Seeing this handful variety of milk, makes one confuse about which one is better to take. But most of us prefer either Whole Milk or toned milk. And yes, they both are also different from each other. But which one is better – Whole Milk or Toned Milk? There are different reasons why people pick toned milk and whole milk. If you are thinking that taste can be the reason, then our answer is no. There is a slight difference in the taste or maybe it is because of the difference between the consistency, but there are many other differences between the two. So, here, we will learn about the differences between whole milk and toned milk.

Nutrients – Comparing the Whole Milk and Toned Milk on the basis of nutrients, so you should know that they contain almost similar nutrients. Both the whole milk and toned milk are rich in calcium and protein. This means they are helpful in strengthening our bones & muscles, and also our teeth. They also contain a few other nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, riboflavin, niacin, and a few minerals like potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients are also very important for our body. Apart from these nutrients, whole milk does contain fat-soluble calories that help in the absorption of Vitamin A and Vitamin D in the body. But when talking about the toned milk, they do not contain fat-soluble calories.

Fat – When we talk about the fat content in the whole milk and the toned milk, it is very evident that which of the two contains more fat. Whole Milk contains more fat in comparison to toned milk. Many of you may consider whole milk better because of the fat content, but you should know that it is not healthy for us to have a glass of milk with high fat. That is why many people have started skipping whole milk and they have replaced it with the toned milk which is low in fat. You have already read about the nutrients present in the toned milk, and by that, you can know that you are getting all the nutrients from the toned milk also apart from the fat. Toned milk contains hardly 3 per cent of fat, which makes it really good and healthy milk.

Calories – Whole milk does contain a lot of calories in comparison with toned milk or other low-fat milk. Drinking a glass of whole milk can add around 285 calories to your body. Whereas drinking a glass of toned milk will add only around 150 calories to your body. So, this makes toned milk a winner in terms of calories, as people these days prefer to have food that has fewer calories as it will not make you fat and is good for your health.

Cholesterol – Whole milk has high cholesterol present in it as it has more fat content. Whereas, toned milk is very low in cholesterol. This makes toned milk healthier not just for your body but for your heart too. So, if you do not want to add more cholesterol in your body, you should start drinking toned milk instead of drinking whole milk.

Weight loss – We need not say that toned milk is a clear winner in this case. Because whole milk has a high-fat present in it, it has a high number of calories in comparison to the toned milk, and it has high cholesterol also. And during weight loss, one needs to drink milk low in fat or with no fat. And one also needs to take care of the calories. So, that is why it is better to have a glass of toned milk when trying to lose weight, instead of having a glass full of whole milk.

So, now you know the difference between the whole milk and the toned milk. We will not say that one should completely stop drinking whole milk. Because whole milk also contains nutrients, and it is good for people who are trying to gain weight or for pregnant women. But if you are looking for a healthy choice, you can switch to toned milk. It is completely your decision which one you would like to have, a glass of whole milk or a glass of toned milk.


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