We all know that without water we all may die, and how important water is for our survival. But that will not prove the point that how water helps in our survival and why we need water to keep ourselves healthy. So, here we are going to tell you about different reasons why water is essential for our health. Most of our body weight is water or if we say it in percentage so around 60 percent of our body weight is water. There are many body organs that need water to work properly. Even the cells and tissues that are present in our body, they also require water. And if there will not be enough water present in our body, our body organs will not function properly and we will die.

There are many activities which we do that make our body lose water like different types of exercises, sweating, and digestion also. Especially during the summers, it is always suggested that we should keep ourselves hydrated as at that time our body loses more water due to the hot temperature and due to sweating. Keeping ourselves hydrated will help in maintaining the water level in our body. This will help our body organs function properly.

Different benefits of Water

We just read above how we can die if we will not have enough water in our bodies. Now, let’s see how our water helps and benefits our different body organs.

Good for Digestion – Be it the saliva or the enzymes present in our body for digestion, they all are required for digestion. And they all are made of water only. Saliva helps in chewing and breaking our food. The digestive enzymes present in our body not just helps in proper digestion but they also help in dissolving the nutrients and minerals present in our food to our blood. They help absorb the required nutrients from the food. If you will not drink water properly, your digestion system will not work properly. You may also start facing different types of health problems related to the digestive system like constipation, stomach ache, indigestion, etc.

Enhances Bowel Movement – It is always suggested that drink enough water to keep your bowel movement smooth. Fiber and water are the two essential components that are very important for digestion and bowel movement. The fibrous substances present in the food when gets dissolved with water, they help in the formation of soft stools. This leads to an easy bowel movement. It also saves one from problems related to bowel movement.

Helps in waste removal – Water is very helpful in removing the waste from our body. It helps in removing the waste in different forms and it also removes different forms of waste. Like it helps in removing the solid waste from or body by making bowel movement smooth as we just mentioned above. Apart from that, it helps in removing the water waste from our body through urination and sweating. It also helps in removing the toxins from our body through sweating. So, if you want your body to flush out all the waste, you should drink the required amount of water every day.

Good for body temperature – During summers we feel hot and even when we exercise, that time also our body feels hot. But when we sweat during summers or exercise or hot temperatures, our body becomes cold. This helps in maintaining proper body temperature. But this is possible only when you drink enough water. Because when you sweat, your body loses water and if you will not rehydrate yourself, your body temperature will start increasing.

Beneficial for tissues, joints, and spinal cord – We have already mentioned above that how important water is for tissues and cells. Water consumption is also good for joints as it helps in lubricating them which helps in their smooth movement. Similarly, it helps the spinal cord also. And all these organs are a very important part of your body, so make sure that you drink enough amount of water.

Keeps energized – We are not saying that water has nutrients present in it to keep you energized. But you should know that drinking water makes you feel refreshed. But if your body will lack water and you will be thirsty, you will feel tired and low in energy. But consuming water can help you in feeling energized. That is why it is always advised to keep a bottle of water along with you especially during travel or in hot temperature.

You have read above the numerous reasons why water is essential for your health. Apart from these reasons, there are many more reasons that can help you know the importance of water. Like water helps in weight loss, it helps in flushing kidney stones, keeps your skin bright, and keeps you hydrated. So, now you can understand how important it is for our survival and how it is related to our health.

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