Ayurveda: The fundamental principle behind Ayurveda is to restore the imbalances caused due to the internal and external sources and restoring the system towards a perfect equilibrium.

Unani: The system of Unani was originated in Greece and was enriched by Arabs with their aptitude and practice. This requires the use of naturally occurring herbal medicines.

Homeopathy: This is a medical system aimed at the treatment of diseases by means of curing drugs that have the power of producing similar artificial systems to human beings.

Allopathy: It is a branch of medical science that deals with the treatment of diseases by means of medical remedies.

Ayurveda: In simple words Ayurveda stands for life science, here the science stands for the happy and the unhappy states of human life. Ayurveda basically has three branches that are Nara Ayurveda meaning dealing with human life and his diseases, Satva Ayurveda meaning dealing with Animal life and its diseases and the final one is Plant Ayurveda which means dealing with Plant Life and its diseases.

The main aim of Ayurveda is to achieve the following goals like:

1 Dharma

2 Artha

3 Kama

4 Moksha

A positive health deals with both a well-balanced metabolism and a happy state of mind.

The main goal of ayurvedic medicines is to promote good health and not to fight for diseases.

According to a study conducted by students of CAM therapy, everything living or dead is connected to the mind, body, and spirit. If any imbalance happens in this system it causes the body to fall ill. Apart from this, the many other factors that may affect your health maybe age, climate change, emotions and the people around you.

And those who practice Ayurveda believe in the 5 basic elements of life that are: apace, air, water, fire, and the earth.

Unani: It is a branch of science that deals with the various states of health and when not in health it deals with the reasons by which the health may be lost. In the case of unani the temperament is the main thing that is usually considered into consideration. It was originated in Greece and inherited by Arabs. This kind of system can be used for preventive and curative healthcare. This kind of system can be used for the treatment of all the organs of the body. This unani medical treatment has the capability to solve chronic diseases like skin and liver ailment or issues related to skin and liver.

According to the Indian history…this kind of medical treatment was practiced my Hakims and other practitioners.


This is a branch of medical science which can be used for the holistic and complete treatment of the body. This medical treatment was found in Germany 200 years ago. It is dependent on two unconventional theories that are “Like Cures Like” and “Law of minimum dose”. This kind of medical treatment involves the use of drugs that are capable enough to develop real-time artificial systems.


This is a modern way for the treatment of diseases some call this kind of a medical system as Western Medicine, Orthodox Medicine, BioMedicine, Mainstream medicine and conventional medicine. So basically its a modern way for the treatment of diseases.

Here the treatment is done by means of :




Other Therapies and Procedures

In the allopathic treatment of disease, doctors may use a range of treatments for the treatment of infection, illness, and disease. Allopathy was found in the 1800s and its main branch of the mainstream was found by the American College of Preventive Medicine. Some of the preventive care in allopathy includes vaccination for various immunes so as to prevent unwanted diseases.

One another type of treatment is there known as Osteopathy in which the bones and muscles of the body are treated properly. In the United States, Osteopathic doctors are well-defined doctors and surgeons.

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