How To Loose Weight Naturally!

For losing weight and attractive body shape, we try everything from starving ourselves to sweat in the gym, but we do not get desired results. Poor metabolism is the main reason and this really doesn’t let the weight loss happen. In addition to this, we do dieting without professional advice and in-turn we find ourselves in claws of nutritional deficiencies. If we really want to lose weight, first we should focus on improving metabolism of body. Sluggish metabolism causes weight gain and in-turn obesity, which may cause chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis and many more. Losing weight is not a rocket science, but a combination of nutritious diet, healthy exercise and disciplined lifestyle. Here are some manageable and easy ways to lose weight:

  1. Everyday try to eat 6-8 small meals instead of having big meal at one go.
  2. Substitute your oily and creamy snacks with seasonal fruits or mixture of roasted bengal gram (chana), peanuts and some dry fruits such as almonds.
  3. Limit salt and oil intake (3-4 table-spoon every-day).
  4. Try butter-milk, coconut water or lemon water instead of sugary beverages.
  5. Try to eat dinner 3-4 hrs before sleeping and before eating that, eat a bowl full of salad consists of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  6. Choose dals without tadka, sprouts, skimmed milk products and fishes generously.
  7. Drink minimum 15-16 glasses of water every-day.
  8. Indulge in some kind of physical activity such as cycling, jogging, swimming, dancing or your favorite sport also.

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