Coconut Milk has become popular these days, especially among the vegans. It is obtained from the flesh of the coconut. Coconut milk is white just like the milk, and coconut flesh is ground to obtain coconut milk. There are many health benefits of coconut milk which you might not be aware of. The good part about coconut milk is that you can prepare it at home also or you can buy the packaged coconut milk which is available in the market. In India, there are many places, where people deliver coconut milk from houses to houses, especially to vegans or those who are lactose intolerant, just like cow milk or buffalo milk.

Nutrients present in the Coconut Milk

Before you consume Coconut Milk, you should know about the nutrients present in it. Coconut milk is plant-based milk but still, it is very high in calories. And this is because of the presence of saturated fat in it. There are different types of nutrients present in it, including several vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and a few others. We are not sharing the exact quantity of the nutrients present in the coconut milk, because it varies. If you are buying canned coconut milk, it has a different quantity of nutrients in comparison to the nutrients present in the coconut milk prepared at home. Similarly, sweetened coconut milk also has a different quantity of nutrients present in it.

How to prepare Coconut Milk?

There are two ways in which coconut milk is prepared. One of the methods is being used for preparing thick coconut milk. Whereas, the other method is being used for preparing thin coconut milk.

Thick Coconut Milk – To prepare the thick coconut milk, the flesh or the white part of the coconut is being ground and is then squeezed with the help of cheesecloth for obtaining the thick coconut milk. It is high in calories and high in saturated fat.

Thin Coconut Milk – For preparing thin coconut milk, people use the squeezed coconut extract from which you have obtained the thick coconut milk. That extract is then mixed with warm water. After that, it is again strained using a cheesecloth to obtain the thin coconut milk.

If you want, you can add sugar in the coconut milk for flavoring, however, you should know that because of the sweetness of the coconut flesh, the coconut milk tastes good. Now, you can easily prepare coconut milk at home without any problem.

Benefits of Coconut Milk

As you all have started using coconut milk, so you should also know about the different benefits of coconut milk. Let’s check out how coconut milk is good for us.

Helps in reducing inflammation – The coconut milk has anti-inflammatory properties present in them. That is why not just coconut milk but coconut oil is also being used during the inflammation. People who are suffering from the problem of inflammation due to arthritis can consume coconut milk for reducing the inflammation caused in the joints and muscles.

Helps in fighting bacteria and viruses – Another property present in the coconut milk is the anti-bacterial and ant-fungal property. Both these properties are quite helpful in fighting different types of bacterial and fungal infections. They are also helpful in keeping reducing the bacteria and viruses present in our body because of the lauric acid present in the coconut milk.

Helps in Weight Loss – You should also know that coconut milk has medium-chain triglycerides present in them. It is being said that the presence of MCTs is quite helpful in weight loss. Some researches have proved that MCTs are quite helpful when it comes to reducing body weight. So, you can start consuming coconut milk, but in moderation in order to lose weight.

Good for skin – Coconut milk is also known for moisturizing the skin and treating different types of skin ailments. Coconut milk is not just being used for consumption, but it is also being used for applying on the face. You can apply simply coconut milk on the face to get the moisturizing benefits. Or you can mix it with other ingredients for preparing a face pack using it. It has been said that skin problems like dermatitis or eczema, can be treated with the help of coconut milk.

So, now you have most of the information related to coconut milk. And as it is safe to drink, so you can consume coconut milk without any problem. But there is just one thing that we would like to suggest to you and that drinks the coconut milk in moderation only. It does help in weight loss. But you should also know that it may consume to weight gain also because of being high in calories.

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