Milk is one of the important parts of our diet. No matter whether you drink cow milk or you drink buffalo milk, they both are rich in nutrients and are good for our health. But there are some people who only like to drink cow milk and there are some who only prefer drinking buffalo milk. It can be just because of their individual choices or it can be because of the nutritional value of the cow milk and the buffalo milk. Both cow milk and buffalo milk have some positive points and some negative points. But we cannot deny the fact that they do have some differences. Some of the differences are very clear like the smell of the cow milk and the buffalo milk. One can simply guess it by smelling them also that which one is cow milk and which one is buffalo milk. Another difference which most of the people know is that buffalo milk is heavy and thick in comparison with cow milk. If you have consumed both cow milk and buffalo milk, you can tell this difference easily. But other than these differences, there are a few more differences, which you all should be aware of. Let’s know what these differences are:

Difference in Fat – If we compare the fat content present in the cow milk and the buffalo milk, then cow milk is said to have low-fat content in it. The percentage of fat in cow milk is lower. This is also one of the reasons why cow milk is light in and thin in consistency, in comparison with the buffalo milk. Whereas, the fat content in buffalo milk is quite high, and that is what makes it heavy and thicker inconsistency. Due to the fat content only, it is also being said that cow milk can be digested easily because of low fat and thin consistency. Whereas the buffalo milk which has a thick consistency and more fat takes more time to digest.

Difference in Cholesterol – The cholesterol level is also different in both cow and buffalo milk. When comparing the two, the cow milk has more cholesterol than buffalo milk. Buffalo milk is said to have a low cholesterol level. If we talk in numbers, then the cholesterol level in cow milk is around 3.14mg per gram. Whereas, the cholesterol present in buffalo milk is around 0.65mg per gram. This is also one of the reasons why buffalo milk is considered best for people who are suffering from these health issues – Hypertension, PCOD, Obesity, and Kidney Diseases.

Difference in Protein – The difference in between the cow milk and the buffalo milk is not just limited to the fat and cholesterol. But there is the difference in protein as well. Buffalo milk is protein-rich whereas cow milk has low protein in comparison with the buffalo milk. It is said that the protein percentage difference between the two is around 10 to 11 percent. But as the buffalo milk is rich in protein, it takes more time for it to get digested. That is why for older people and infants it is always recommended to give them cow milk. Because they may not be able to digest buffalo milk easily.

Difference in Calories – It is evident that buffalo milk has more fat and more protein, so the calorie count of the buffalo milk is also more. Whereas, the cow milk has low fat and low protein in comparison to buffalo milk, so its calorie count is also low in comparison to the buffalo milk. So, if you are planning for weight loss and want to include milk in your diet for weight loss, we suggest you choose cow milk. As it is low in fat and protein, and has fewer calories also, so it will be more beneficial for you during the weight loss.

Difference in Water Content – The water content in cow milk is more in comparison with the buffalo milk. It happens because cow milk contains fewer milk solids. And around 90 per cent of the cow milk contains water in it. Whereas the buffalo milk has more milk solids present in it, and this reduces its water content. This is also one of the reasons behind the thin consistency of cow milk and thick consistency of buffalo milk.

Difference in minerals and vitamins – Be it the calcium, magnesium, potassium, or phosphorus, buffalo milk is rich in all these minerals. However, the cow milk contains fewer minerals including calcium in comparison with the buffalo’s milk.

 Now, you know most of the differences in between the cow milk and the buffalo milk, so you can decide yourself which one you would like to choose. Both cow and buffalo milk is good for us. It depends on your digestion and body requirement, that which milk you would like to go for.

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