Breathing is a paramount fragment, a requisite of life which transpire with the elimination of tingle thought. This is the indispensable process without which there is zero existence. When one inhales, the oxygen(O2) is grossed in the blood cells to extricate carbon dioxide(CO2). Carbon Dioxide is a splurge product that is transferred back through one’s body and grossed out. This wholesome operation is referred to as respiration. Immoral respiration can drive towards multifarious diseases and can also cause a lack of blood flow in the interior of the body. In Addition, Inappropriate breathing can decompose the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide barter in the body which is the root cause of psychological disturbances, anxiety, fatigue, panic attacks, and corporal disturbances.

When we take an extensive lungful breathe and wheeze out waste breathe, one can perceive the difference easily. Moreover, Breathing is one of the most robust weapons to palliate the psychological strain and tend towards the endurance of negligible anxiousness. This pleasure of peaceful mind and no tolerance to anxiety will be achieved only with the enchantment of breathing exercises which can create a substantial difference if one makes it as a fragment of life.

Some of the manifest recommendations to stable in mind before following breathing exercises: 

  1. Designate a  particular area for your breathing exercise that should be clean and tidy. Prefer it to be mostly a less crowded section may be a personal bed or a bedroom or substantially a living room.
  2. Don’t make your breath impetus while breathing, carry it with the gentle flow and calm order to deconstruct its severity and construct the relaxation of mind and body. Forcing it hard can drive you towards more anxiety.
  3. Avoid tight or uncomfortable clothes. If you put on intolerable garments, your concentration diverges from exercise and this tends to irritability and mental fatigue.
  4. Breathing exercise is the only exercise which can provide you relief in the very few minutes. Most commonly, it takes 6-7 minutes but one can extend it up to 10 – 15 minutes on a continuous pace to compel greater benefits.


Most of the individuals take miniature and stubby breaths. This leads to zapping of your core internal energy, making you feel more anxious and distorting your psychological peace. There are numerous techniques which can help you in achieving the deeper and bigger breaths.

Exercise 1 –

Make yourself comfortable. Recline on your back or on the floor with the support of two pillows, one under your head and the other one under your knees. Alternatively, you can rest on a chair with head, neck and both the shoulders defrosting to the chair. Deep breath with the help of your nose, make sure your mouth is closed and you are breathing only via your nose. Breathe in a way that your belly is completely puffed with air. Stable one hand on your belly and rest the other hand on your chest. Grasp three complete deep breaths, operate it in such a manner that when you inhale you belly gets completely puffed up and the moment you exhale it gets shrunk.

A good and healthy breathing is also responsible for relieving our minds from stress and anxiety. There is still a gigantic crowd who is not aware of the methodology behind breathing and breathing patterns which is paramount to achieve a healthy life. Breathing is majorly divided into two classes.

  1. Thoracic(chest) Breathing – When people tend to take miniature and shallow breaths, it goes directly to the chest which is harmful to the body. Such type of breathing is called thoracic breathing which causes stress, fatigue, and anxiousness.
  2. Diaphragmatic(abdominal) Breathing – When people take deep breaths, it goes through the diaphragm, completes its circulation and then extricate from the nose. This is the healthiest way of breathing which releases stress and drive towards the betterment of the respiration system.

Key Learnings: Breathing is paramount for existence. Deep breathing exercises are helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. Moreover, Diaphragmatic breathing should be preferred over Thoracic breathing.

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