There are different types of food frying techniques which we use these days for cooking food. Food frying is a kind of cooking in which we cook food in oil. There are different types of food items available and for cooking them different techniques are also used. We cannot cook every food using the same technique. That is why for frying food also we have different ways like deep frying, pan frying, stir frying, sautéing, and a few others. Here, we will learn about these frying techniques only, so that we can know which frying technique is used for cooking which type of food. Remember these techniques can be different but they all are used for cooking food in oil only, be it the vegetable oil, refined oil, olive oil, or any other oil. This is going to enhance your kitchen skills also. Let’s see how to fry food using these techniques.

Deep Frying – This cooking method is also known as deep fat frying. This type of frying first started in European countries and then later on, other countries also started using this technique. In this method, we submerge the food which we need to fry in the hot cooking oil. This type of frying cannot be done in a pan, as it requires more oil to fry the food, so deep fryer is required for frying food. It is one of the hot fat cooking techniques which helps in cooking the food quickly and fast. One can either use a pot to heat the oil and can deep fry food in it. Or else one can also make use of pressure fryer for deep frying. Food is cooked properly using this technique as we just mentioned above that it is being submerged into the oil. And as the oil is very hot, so the food is cooked properly. Some of the food items which can be deep fried are French fries, onion rings, meat, fishes, vegetables, doughnuts, and a few others.

Pan Frying – This is another form of food frying technique; however, it is different than the deep-frying technique. As we do not use a lot of oil in pan frying like we used in the deep frying. In pan frying, we use a very little amount of cooking oil just for lubricating the pan. We just need to heat the pan and put a little quantity of oil on it. After that, we can put food on it. The food is being cooked from both the sides, that is why after a few minutes when one side is cooked, it is flipped so that the other side can also get cooked. This helps in ensuring that the food is cooked properly. We also need to check the temperature and need to flip the food on time, so that it does not get burn. If the food is already too greasy, you can even avoid using the oil for pan frying. It usually happens in the case of pan-frying Bacon. Some of the food items, that can be pan fried are different types of bread, like parathas, multi-grain bread, etc. Other than the breads, some other food items are zucchinis, potatoes, eggplant, steak, fish fillets, pork chops, chicken breast, etc.

Stir Frying – In this food frying technique, food is cooked in a small amount of oil only, but it should be very hot. Also, one needs to stir it continuously to cook or fry it. This is a Chinese food frying technique which is now popular in the western countries and Asia also. Stir frying is also a cooking technique which needs more oil than the pan-frying method but less oil than the deep-frying method. However, the stir-frying method requires more heat for cooking food, that is why one needs to keep stirring in the wok. But always remember that when you stir fry a food, cut all the food items in small size and same size, be it a vegetable or chicken or fish or any other food item. This helps in cooking the food evenly. Using this food frying technique also food can be cooked quickly but remember that it requires constant stirring so that the food can be cooked properly. Some of the food items that are being cooked using the stir-frying technique are eggplant, stir-fried octopus, spinach, catfish, ground pork, sprouts, chicken, and a few other food items.

Sautéing – This is a completely different type of food cooking technique. As in this type of food cooking technique, we are going to cook the food by using tossing technique or bouncing technique. This cooking technique is also known as French Sautéing. We need to use the Sauté Pan for cooking the food using this technique. It cannot be cooked in any pan, as sautéing pans are a specific type of pans made for this type of cooking only. In the coking method, a very small amount of cooking oil will be used. However, the food is cooked on high heat only. To make sautéing fast, food items are chopped finely and thinly. As we just mentioned above that tossing or bouncing is used in this technique. So, when you put all the ingredients in the pan and you start cooking them, you need to jerk the pan again and again to move the ingredients. You can also toss the ingredients, as this helps in escaping steam and does not allow the food to stew in the pan. Food items that can be sautéed are mushrooms, vegetables, onions, peppers, meat, etc.

We hope that you would have learned the different techniques of food frying and food cooking method. This will not just help you in the cooking but will also help you in knowing how you can cook one food item in different ways.

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