The lesson that current scientific studies have provided to a living being of the present century is that there are no one-size-fits if we look at it as diet recommendation. Every individual’s body is distinct and has it’s own requirements. Every physique requires contrasting nutrients and in disputed amount which is non-identical for everyone.

One of the optimized path to counter the requirement of our body is a DNA test. A DNA test can divulge all the genetic diet type of an individual including metabolic factors, vitamin requirements,  matching diets, and nutritional needs. Getting educated about the personalized diet is paramount as it completely calculates the nutritional balance in your diet, which involves the amount of carbs, vitamins, minerals, cholesterol, fats, fiber and protein in one’s body and make n individual proactive to drive them towards a healthy lifestyle.

A Balanced Diet :

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is paramount as it should have a conventional quantity of all the nutrients and less percentage of cholesterol. However, improperly balanced diet is maintenance that can lead to numerous diseases like high blood pressure, less insulin release, low immunity levels et- cetera.

Balanced diet signifies eating all varieties of nutrients in the amount as per the requirement of the body, eating only one kind of food can cause harm to our body and also tends towards diseases. For instance, if one always grab high fatty food, there is more probability of getting acquired by heart diseases. While on the other hand, if one grabs less amount of vitamin C, this drives him towards different eye diseases. 

Here there are distinct diet plans which one can follow :

Low Carbs Diet :

Lower Carbs Diet is recommended to those individuals who have risks of high blood sugar level,  maybe diabetic or prediabetic and want to monitor or maintain insulin levels in the body. This diet is also in suggestion to those individuals are having risks of metabolic syndrome, heart diseases, feeling sluggish, et – cetera.

To maintain a proper low carb diet one should avoid food having starch as starch and carbohydrates go hand in hand like rice, white bread, and potatoes. In Addition, one should also take less sugar and avoid chocolates and fruits have more sugar in it.

Here are certain food items that one can involve in a low carb diet :




Olive oil.



Greek Yogurt.



Low Fat Diet :

Lower Fat Diet can be maintained by controlling food having high cholesterol, which can involve LDL that is bad cholesterol level, and HDL that is decreased cholesterol level. Trans fats and saturated fats are responsible for the increment of LDL cholesterol in the body which can drive our health to heart diseases and type two diabetes

Instead of eliminating complete fat from the body, one should start eating healthy and essential fats, such as avocados, nuts, and fish rather than fried foods and greasy cooked food.

Here are certain food items that are involved in low-fat diet :


Low-fat yogurt.



Sweet Potatoes.

Brussels sprouts.


Shiitake mushrooms.

Egg whites.

Chicken breast.

Mediterranean Diet :

Mediterranean Diet is the median between the Carb diet and fat diet. This variety of diet includes high fat and low carbs. It improves the high cholesterol levels in the body and also keep high blood sugar level in the right track. While following such diet one should focus on having colorful fruits and vegetables, high-quality seafood and avoid food having starch.

Here are certain food items which are involved in the Mediterranean diet :



Red meat.




Key Learnings: 

Diet according to genetics is paramount for an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are distinct varieties of diets that are Low Carbs Diet, Low Fat Diet and Mediterranean Diet which help in acquiring the balance of diet according to the genes.

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