Almost all of us are chocolate lovers and we cannot deny this fact. We love chocolates because they taste good. But have you ever thought about whether they are good for us or not? Many types of research are being done, and a lot has been written about the consumption of chocolates and their goodness. Today, we will help you in knowing whether the chocolates are good for you or not.

 According to several studies on chocolates, it is being said that they are good for our health. But only when consumed in a limited quantity. Eating a bowl full of chocolates may not help us. But eating an ounce or less than an ounce can be good for us in several ways. Chocolates have antioxidants properties present in them because of the flavanols that are present in the cocoa beans. Due to the antioxidant properties of chocolates, they are really helpful for us. Even they are said to be nutritious also because of the different minerals present in it like zinc, potassium, selenium, and iron. Chocolates are blamed for having high sugar and high fat present in them. This is true, and this may cause some health problems also when eating them regularly in the large quantity. But if you will eat the right chocolate, you might not have to face the problem. If you cannot give up your habit of eating chocolates every day, switch to dark chocolates or the chocolates with more of cocoa. The chocolates which have more cocoa in them have more antioxidants which are good for us. Even it is said that the sugar and fat content in the dark chocolates is less in comparison with the other chocolates. Still, the research on chocolates is going on to know its different benefits and problems that may occur because of it. But as if now, you can trust on chocolates being a healthy dessert if you are eating them in moderation.

 Because if you will not consume chocolates in moderation, you may end up eliminating its benefits. And you might be inviting some of the health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, coronary artery disease, and acne.

How much chocolate one should consume in a day?

One should try to consume less than an ounce of chocolate. This rule applies for everything, whether you eat chocolates or anything else, that they should be consumed in a limited quantity only. As we mentioned above that dark chocolates have less sugar and fat content and more antioxidants. But that does not allow one to eat dark chocolates in high quantity. Excess of anything can be bad for our health, even if they have multiple benefits then too.

Light Chocolates or Dark Chocolates

Light chocolates include the milk chocolates and the other chocolates which have less cocoa present in them. Usually, around 30 to 40 percent of cocoa is present in the light chocolates. However, the dark chocolates are rich in cocoa, and most of them have 60 to 70 percent of cocoa present in them. It is always being said that consuming chocolate with 70 percent of cocoa is really good for health. Light chocolates have milk present in them, and they help in providing calcium and protein to our body. Whereas dark chocolates are said to be good in antioxidants and iron content, and both of the contents are beneficial for our health.

Different benefits of chocolates

Reduces the risk of stroke – According to research, it has been mentioned that consuming 1 serving of chocolate may help one in reducing the risk of stroke. It is also being said that if you consume around 2 ounces of chocolates in a week, then also you are being able to reduce the risk of stroke. Someone who is not consuming chocolates at all may be at higher risk of stroke in comparison with the one consuming the above-mentioned amount of chocolate.

 Beneficial for skin – As we have mentioned above that chocolates have antioxidant properties in them, this can benefit your skin also. It can help in protecting your skin against the damage that is caused due to sun and different types of skin infections caused by dust or bacteria. So, if you want a healthy-looking skin try eating chocolates. But remember, consuming them more will add acne to your face, so try consuming in the limit.

Reduces the risk of heart diseases – If you consume dark chocolates, then you are probably helping your heart and are saving it from the risk of heart diseases. The flavanols and minerals present in the dark chocolate help in preventing and reducing the cholesterol level. Just consuming dark chocolate once in a week or once in 15 days may not help or show any benefit. But those who consume it 4 to 5 times a week, are helping themselves.

 Good for diabetes – We know above we have mentioned that eating too much chocolate can cause diabetes. But remember that dark chocolates have less sugar, and consumption of them will not cause diabetes. The percentage of cocoa present in the dark chocolates, help in improving the insulin level. This helps in preventing diabetes.

 Good for your mood – We are sure that you would have heard this before that consumption of dark chocolates can help you with your mood swings. They can also make you feel better. It is because of the PEA (phenylethylamine) present in them. This chemical which is present in the chocolates is also produced by our brain when we are happy or when we fall in love.

 Now, you all would have got the answer to your question, whether or not the chocolates are good for you. With all the benefits we have discussed above, do not forget that you have to consume the chocolates in a limited quantity only.


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