We know that in India, most of the people are tea lovers. And when we say tea lovers, we do not mean the black tea lovers or green tea lovers. But we are talking about the people who love drinking tea with milk or you can call it milk tea. We know that adding milk in the tea, makes it taste a bit better. Because when milk blends with the tea along with the sugar, it reduces the bitterness of the tea. When you drink green tea or black tea, it usually tastes bitter. But you all would have heard and read also that one should not drink green tea by adding milk in it. We are not saying that adding milk to tea can make it bad for your health or can cause any allergies or diseases. But the benefits which the green tea and the black tea provides us, we cannot get those benefits when drinking milk tea.

How green tea and black tea benefits us?

Be it the green tea or the black tea, they both have numerous health benefits. One of the common benefits of green tea and black tea is that they are both rich in antioxidants. This helps in preventing and reducing the risk of cancer also. The antioxidants present in green tea help protect the cells present in your body from the oxidative damage or damage from free radicals. And how can we forget one of the main important benefits of green tea which we hear almost every day that is weight loss? Numerous television commercials have been made on the same stating that green tea is helpful for those who want to lose weight and belly fat. Both of these green tea and black tea have anti-inflammatory properties also present in them. Apart from having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, both green tea and black tea are good for heart health also. On one hand where black tea helps in the treatment of coronary artery disease. On the other hand, green tea helps control cholesterol levels. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol level and boosting good cholesterol level. Both of these are also helpful in promoting bone health and oral health.

What adding milk can do to the tea?

When we drink milk tea, most of us drink it just for the taste or out of the habit. Or the other reason behind drinking milk tea is to get relief from the stress and the tiredness or sleepiness, especially during work hours. When it is about green tea, still many of us know its benefits. But you need to understand that anything that we consume, be it any beverage or any food item, it will affect our health positively or negatively. Similarly, when we add milk to the tea, it reduces the benefits which we have mentioned above. Drinking tea with milk present in it can also cause acidity, especially your morning tea. That is why it is always suggested that one should avoid drinking milk tea in the morning.

Many people feel that milk is beneficial for our health and adding it to tea will also provide us with numerous benefits. But we need to understand that tea has catechins present in them, and milk has casein proteins present in them. And when the two are mixed they form complexes, which are not good for our health. It does not have severe effects on our health, but it turns down the benefits of tea also. It reduces the number of antioxidants (epicatechins and catechins) present in the tea. The addition of milk in the tea will make it acidic and it can also cause inflammation. As we have mentioned above that drinking tea can be helpful for your heart, but when you add milk to your tea, it does not provide any benefit.

Alternatives for milk tea

We know that it is not possible for one to leave milk tea or to switch instantly to black tea or green tea. As we have just mentioned above that milk helps in changing the bitter flavor of the tea. So, instead of adding milk to your tea, now you can add lemon or honey in the tea to make it better. These are not harmful or bad for your tea and will also change the bitter flavor of your tea.

Now, you know that adding milk in your tea is not good. We will not ask you to leave your cup of milk tea. But we will say that reduce the consumption of milk tea, as now you know why it is not good for your health. Also, you can try the alternatives which we have mentioned above.

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