Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Gone are the days when only fathers used to work outside and mothers used to babysit in the house. Today, in the modern scenario, couples are working to meet the increased standard and cost of living, leaving minimum time with them to look after their kids. The major impact which takes place in this case in on the health of the children leading to an unhealthy diet being consumed by them. The adversities of an unhealthy diet can be:

  1.       Low physical and mental growth.
  2.       Less interest and less energy for learning.
  3.       Malnutrition
  4.       Cardiovascular diseases
  5.       Osteoporosis in later life.

Let us also probe into the benefits of eating a healthy diet:

  1.       Stabilizing energy.
  2.       Improving physical and mental growth.
  3.       Keeping mood swings away.
  4.       Helping maintain a healthy weight.
  5.       Helping in avoiding depression, anxiety or likewise mental abnormalities.

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is a diet that helps to maintain or improve overall health. It helps in providing the body with all required nutrients such as fluid, macro/micronutrients, calories, fats, proteins, vitamins, etc. all in the right proportion that the body needs to intake.

Steps for maintaining a healthy diet in kids

o   Grains

o   Fruits

o   Vegetables

o   Protein-rich food

o   Dairy products

Children are quite moody. They may be happy to see food one day or may grumble the other day. Expecting them to be sensible is of no use. Rather, in such cases, parents have to act patiently in order to avoid any ugly situation at the mealtime. Let us look into some more constructive ideas to gather a kids interest in healthy food:

To sum up, maintaining a healthy diet in your child is tedious for you as a parent. However, staying informative, patient clubbed with a little creativity can help you with this. Also, this healthy eating once developed will continue till adulthood leading to physical and mental results in your child.

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