Low-Temperature Cooking

Low-temperature cooking is just a fabulous idea of preparing food naturally either it is vegetarian food or non-veg items. You should sear the outside of meat at high temperature then keep the flame for a longer period to make it juicier and more delicious. You can cook different sized meats using this technique but make sure that you are using a meat thermometer to keep everything under your control. Here are a few tips to follow when using low-temperature cooking for meat or other food items.

  1.   Make the equipment and Meat ready

Before you start cooking, allow the defrosted meat to come to the room temperature first and remove the vacuum packaging too. Make it little dry using some kitchen paper. Keep it on rest in the room temperature for around 30 minutes. After this, preheat the oven up to 80 degree Celsius and put a roasting tray in the oven to heat it up. Heat the fry pan on high flame for few seconds.

  1.       Sear the Meat

Pour some drops of olive oil or any other oil to the pan, brush the oil gently onto the meat and try to use as minimum as possible. It will keep your dish tasty and healthy. Now, sear the meat on all sides for the recommended time and let it turn brown in color. It will improve the flavor of your dish and the overall appearance too.

  1.       Meat Thermometer

When you are cooking meat, it is necessary to focus on temperatures at different stages. Put the thermometer horizontally in the center of the meat and note the internal temperature. Once it is satisfied, put the meat into preheated oven along with the thermometer.

Key Learning:

Don’t put the meat in the same pan that you have utilized for the searing as it will make the meat cook too quickly that is not delicious and juicy.

  1.       Cooking Method:

Keep the door of the oven closed. If it is open then heat will start escaping and it will increase the overall cooking time too. Now, comes the use of thermometer where you did set the temperature. Once it is has reached to that level, the thermometer beeps away. Now, there is no need to keep your dish on the rest as it was already on rest during the cooking process.

High-Temperature Cooking

When you are cooking some food at a very high temperature then it will lose its taste and nutrients as well. Several nutrients are highly sensitive to heat and they will destroy if the temperature is not suitable. The traditional grilling is a very unhealthy style of cooking food that may result in toxic substance or cancer-causing too.

According to research, people who are taking high-temperature cooked meat are at higher risks of cancer and other dangerous health issues. Several volatile substances start producing in the food when you are cooking food at high temperature and put adverse effects on your body as well. Sometimes, it may damage tissues in your body and stop the generation of new tissues as well.

Key Learning:

The discussion makes itself clear that always cook your food at low temperature that promises a number of health benefits and tastier food items too. Secondly, you can preserve more nutritional contents that is impossible in the case of high-temperature cooking. Further, Vitamin C and Phytonutrients are also heat sensitive that will destroy during high-temperature cooking.

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