Enjoy the Delicacies of Bengal - Popular Dish of West Bengal

To enjoy the delicacies of Bengal, you need not be a Bengali. If you have a Bengali friend, you must know about the variety of meals the Bengali people have. It’s always been said that Bengalis are famous for Rasogulla, Fish Curry, and Rice. But no, that’s not all, because there are many other Bengali dishes also which you should taste. We all would have tasted these delicious Bengali food items, but we might not be aware of their names. Even if you have never tried Bengali food before, but you are a big foodie, we suggest you try a Bengali meal once, and you will get to know how delicious the Bengali dishes are. Whether it is a sweet or a full meal or a curry, we can surely tell you that you will not be able to say no to them. Let’s know about some of the popular Bengali Foods.

Popular Dish of West Bengal: Dietitian in West Bengal

Shukto: A Nutritious Vegetable Medley - Popular Bengali Dish

If you want your kids to eat vegetables, especially bitter gourd, then you must cook this Bengali dish. Shukto is a healthy dish prepared using various vegetables like bitter gourd, bori, drumsticks, sweet potatoes, and brinjal. This dish is incomplete without bori and bitter gourd. Additionally, milk and different types of spices are added to create a thick paste-like gravy. Shukto is often prepared for Bengali marriages and pujas, considered a special dish served especially during lunch. Try this dish, and you might find yourself loving bitter gourd.

Tangra Macher Jhol: Spicy Catfish Curry - Popular Bengali Dish

Tangra Macher Jhol is one of the most loved dishes by Bengalis. Made using catfish, this spicy curry boasts a thick, flavorful gravy rich with spices and a generous amount of red chili, making it fiery and delicious. Enjoy this dish with hot steamed plain rice for the best experience. If you love fish curry and spicy food, Tangra Macher Jhol is a must-try.

Sandesh: A Bengali Sweet Treat : Popular Bengali Dish

We all are well aware of Bengali sweets like Rosogulla, and Sandesh is another popular sweet dish. Made from dairy products like milk and paneer, Sandesh is garnished with dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, and saffron. Soft like Rosogulla but different in taste, Sandesh is a staple during Durga Puja, other Bengali festivals, and weddings. For the authentic taste, visit the streets of Kolkata where you will find the best Sandesh.

Cholar Dal: Sweet and Spicy Lentil Delight : Popular Bengali Dish

Cholar Dal is a unique Bengali dish made from chana dal with a hint of sweetness. This dish contains various spices, including cinnamon and bay leaves, giving it a distinct flavor. Coconut bits are added to provide a crunchy texture. Cholar Dal is a common dish at Bengali ceremonies, often enjoyed during lunchtime with rice.

Luchi: The Bengali Breakfast Delight

Luchi, often mistaken for puri, is a Bengali deep-fried bread made from maida (refined flour). Unlike puris made from whole wheat flour, Luchis are light golden, fluffy, and soft when eaten hot. Typically served for breakfast with a spicy dry vegetable dish, Luchis can also be enjoyed with gravy dishes or dal. Some variations include stuffed Luchis, known as kochuri.

A Glimpse into Bengali Cuisine

The above are just a few of the popular Bengali dishes. The list goes on with delicacies like Aloo Posto, Kolar Bora, Ilish Macher Jhol, Mishti Doi, Potoler Dolma, Doi Macch, Kosha Mangsho, and many others. You can never have enough of Bengali dishes. Visit Bengal once to get the authentic taste of its rich culinary heritage.

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