There are different ways of weight loss which are being used these days. One need to understand that weight loss is not just about the exercises you do or the intermittent fasting you do or the keto diet you follow. You also need to look after the amount of food you are consuming even if you are consuming healthy food then also. Just because you are consuming healthy food that does not mean that you can consume more and more amount of food. You need to consume the food items in the small portion. It is always recommended to those people who are trying to lose weight that eat food in small portions instead of eating more amount of food at one time. We know that you must be thinking that if you will eat a small portion size of food, what if you continue to feel hungry. So, do not worry about the hunger issue, as if you will consume the right and healthy food, your hunger pangs will stay away. Here, we are going to tell you different ways which you can help you in reducing your food size to small portion for weight loss.

Have a glass of water before the meal – Whenever you are planning to have your meal, do not just jump on the food. First, drink a glass of water at least a few minutes before you start eating your food. This will help in making your stomach feel fuller and you will eat a small amount of food, instead of ending up eating more food. This is even recommended by doctors and dieticians also that fill your tummy with water if you do not want to end up overeating.

Use small size dinnerware – Be it the bowl in which you are eating or the plate, ensure that they are not very big. Mostly, in restaurants, you would have noticed that they serve large plates, which means you will serve more food for yourself and you will end up eating more food. Because of the plate size will be bigger, there will be more space to serve food. And unknowingly, we may end up serving more food in our plates which will not help us in weight loss. But if our plate or bowl size will be smaller, we will be able to serve only a small portion of food in our plates, as no space will be left to serve more food. So, this will automatically help in reducing the size of the food which we consume.

Start eating with salads or soups – We all know that salads and soups are very healthy for us. Except for the instant soups or the salads with a lot of dressings using the fat on it. Avoid instant soups and salad dressing, as it will only lead to weight gain. So, when you will start your meal with salads and soups, your stomach will start feeling full by eating them only, and you may or may not need more food to eat. This is also helpful for cutting the size of the food for weight loss. Also, homemade soups and salads without extra dressings make a healthier meal. They are low in calories but are rich in nutrients, so it will also help you in cutting your calories.

No distraction while eating – When we are distracted while eating, we tend to eat more. Like when we eat watching television, or while using our smartphone or while talking to someone, we forget how much we already ate. We just feel that we haven’t had enough food and we feel that we are hungry. That is why it is always said that eat mindfully, as it helps in keeping us away from the distractions. And it also helps us in knowing whether we are hungry or it is just a feeling because we were distracted.

Add fibrous food in your diet – Fiber-rich foods make our stomach feel heavy and full even when we have only a small amount of fibrous food then also. Just like we recommended you above to eat salads, so they are also rich in fibers. When you will include more fibrous food in your diet, you will automatically start feeling fuller instead of feeling hungry. This will help you in eating less portion of food. And will help you in reducing weight.

So, now, you have plenty of ideas to make your food portion smaller for weight loss. Start using these ideas from today itself, and we are sure that slowly you will be able to cut on your calories and will be able to lose weight.


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