What comes to your mind when you hear about these three – Sugar, Jaggery, and Honey? The only thing which relates them in the best manner is sweetness. These three are the different types of sweetening agents which we use in different forms. All three of them are sweet but they are extracted from different sources and in different ways. Here we are going to tell you about these three sweetening agents and how one can get them.


The sugar which we add in different food items is obtained from the sugarcane plant and the sugar beets. In most of the dairy products, fruits, and vegetables, sugar is present naturally only. Sugar in the form of carbohydrates only, and they help provide energy to our body. They break down into the form of glucose to provide energy to us. There are different types of sugar available which we can use for cooking or for adding into our food. Some of the sugars are castor sugar which is superfine sugar. Powdered sugar is also known as confectionery sugar. White granulated sugar is the regular sugar which we use in our daily life. Other than these types of sugars, we have brown sugar, palm sugar, and liquid sugar also.

How sugar provides energy for us?

We all know that sugar has carbohydrates present in it. And when the digestion starts, the carbohydrates present in the sugar and the other food items, start breaking into glucose. This glucose then gets dissolved in the blood as it is absorbed from the intestines. Then the glucose in the blood reaches the body cells. The body cells then use this glucose in the form of energy for performing various functions. That is why it is being said that sugar helps in providing energy to us.

Why one should not consume a lot of sugar?

As we have mentioned above that sugar can be in different forms. It can be present in the natural form of dairy products, fruits, etc. But this sugar is not harmful to our bodies. But the sugar which we add in our food items can be harmful to us if we will not eat in moderation. Like sugar present in the beverages like packaged and processed fruit juices, carbonated drinks, etc. And the sugar present in the sweets, cakes, and pastries is also harmful to us. Consuming a lot of sugar can cause different types of health issues like high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other such health problems.


Jaggery is obtained from different types of plants like sugar cane, palm, date palm, etc. They are the concentrated product made from the juice of sugar cane or date palm. The color of the jaggery is usually light brown or dark brown or golden brown. It is being added to different types of desserts and can also be consumed in the raw form. There are many places where people make jaggery in factories by processing sugar cane juice. But in India, the jaggery is mostly prepared at home and is then sold in the market. Earlier, people used jaggery only instead of using sugar. Jaggery has many nutrients present in it which are quite helpful for us.

How Jaggery is beneficial for us?

Jaggery is beneficial for us in different ways, be it related to our health or related to our skin. The presence of potassium and sodium in jaggery helps in controlling the blood pressure. There are many medicines available for purifying the blood. But with the consumption of jaggery, you can purify your blood in a natural way. During the winters, it is suggested to eat jaggery every day, as it helps in keeping the body warm. It is being added to different types of sweets in winters for the same purpose. Jaggery is also being used in Ayurveda medicine. Potassium present in the jaggery is also helpful in boosting metabolism. If you are trying to lose weight but cannot keep your hands away from the sugar, we suggest you replace the sugar with jaggery. But do not consume a lot of jaggeries, as consumption of a lot of jaggeries will also increase the sugar in your body. So, consume only a very small amount of it.


Honey is different than the sugar and jaggery, however, it is a sweetening agent. It is either obtained by the honeydew made by bees or by the flower nectar made by bees. It has different types of nutrients present in it including vitamins, minerals, and different enzymes also. People are using honey for different purposes, as it is beneficial for your health, your body, and your skin also. You should know that honey has more fructose present in it than glucose. In comparison to the sugar and jaggery, honey is low in calories. It is a natural sweetener and is not a processed form of sugar.

Some of the benefits of Honey you should know

Honey is being consumed and is being used for a long time. For weight loss, honey is the best replacement of sugar. It is low in calories and it also promotes weight loss when consumed with lemon and lukewarm water or green tea. Honey contains antioxidants in it which are good for health. As they help in lowering the blood pressure and are good for the health of the heart also. For cold and cough also, honey is quite helpful. As it helps in getting relief from the cough. Comparing honey with sugar and jaggery, we will recommend people to have honey only.

Now you know pretty well about the three sweetening agents – Sugar, Jaggery, and Honey. We know that all of them are important for us, but jaggery and honey are more beneficial in comparison with the sugar. But be it the honey or the jaggery or the sugar, the consumption of all of them should be in control. As we all know that excess of anything can be harmful, and the same applies to these three as well.

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