In all over the world, there are different types of fermented foods available. Similarly, in India also we have different types of fermented food which are becoming popular these days. Fermenting foods were not much popular before like they are these days. It is good to consume the fermenting food items as they have different benefits which one might not be aware of. Fermenting foods not just have different benefits but they also are good in taste. There are many people who are not aware of what exactly the fermenting foods are and how they are prepared.

What is Fermented Food?

Fermenting foods are those food items which are generally prepared by the action of bacteria or micro-organisms which are good for our health. For those who feel that fermented food items are not good to eat or they are rotten. They should know that there is a slight difference between the rotten and the fermented food items. Fermented food items are the food items which are neither fresh nor rotten, but somewhere in between them. Also, you should know that not every type of bacteria is bad for our health, some of the bacteria are required for making our gut strong. The organic food substances go through the chemical breakdown, which makes the fermented food. There are many food items which are kept for long for the fermenting process to take place. You all should know, that fermented food items are not new in the world, it is just that people have started using them more these days. Otherwise, the yogurt, pickles, bread, wine, beer, they all come in the category of fermented foods only.

Indian Fermented Food Items

If we talk about the fermented food items, you should know that in India there are many types of Fermented food items which we consume in our day to day life. They are an important part of Indian food culture. Be it in the north or the south, in the east or the west, we have a list of fermented food items from different parts of India, which we are going to share below. Let’s know about some of the Indian Fermented Foods.

Dhokla – This is a dish from Gujarat and is very popular among the Gujarati. However, these days, Dhokla has become popular among other Indian states also and is being eaten as snacks with different types of sausages or chatni. It is also known as a probiotic breakfast of Gujarat which is prepared by fermenting rice and Bengal gram. The yeast produced in the Dhokla contains folic acid. Folic acid is really good for our health as it provides Vitamin B9 to our body. The fermentation process of Dhokla gives it a unique taste and texture.

Idli – It is one of the famous south Indian dishes which is popular in all over India. People prefer to eat Idli in both breakfast and meal, as they are too good in taste especially when served with sambhar and coconut chatni. However, they are mostly served in breakfast only in South India. It is a relatively low calories dish and that is why it is recommended to people who are trying to lose weight. The fermentation process of preparing Idli provides us with Vitamin B and a lot of protein. This is one such food item which has protein, carbs, fiber, and vitamins, all present in it.

Yogurt – There is hardly anyone who would not have heard about this fermented food item. You should know that yogurt contains many microorganisms and bacteria in it. Due to the presence of these bacteria in yogurt, the fermentation takes place. There is no doubt in it that how much we all love to eat yogurt. Different flavors of yogurt are now available in the market these days. You should know that yogurt is good for our stomach as it helps in improving our digestive system and also improves our gut.

Hawaijar – This is one of the famous fermented soybean foods from Manipur. This fermented food has a different and unique taste and is also a good source of protein. It is an alkaline fermented dish. The main organism which is responsible for the fermentation of soybean for making this fermented dish is known as Bacillus spp. This microorganism helps control the inflammation that occurs in our body. Other than this microorganism, there are a few more healthy microorganisms which help ferment this dish.

There are a few more Indian Fermented food items which you would have tasted like different types of Indian pickles, Indian vinegar, Dosa, Indian cheese, Kimchi, etc. So, if you have kept yourself away from the fermented foods till now, start eating them from today itself. As you now know how good are the Indian Fermented dishes for us.



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