Adding salt and sugar to our food makes our food taste good. There are different types of food items that we consume in our day to day life which already have sugar present in it. And there are some of the food items or beverages in which we add sugar to make them taste sweet. The sugar which we add in the food or beverages is known as table sugar or the regular sugar.

We all know that sugar helps in providing energy to our body. They are also known as the soluble carbohydrates which we add to the food items. The table sugar which we use in our day to day life is also known as Sucrose in other words. It has been researched and found that on average, a person usually consumes around 24 kgs of sugar every year. When the consumption of table sugar increased, the researchers started studying and finding out the advantages and disadvantages of table sugar on human health. It was found that consumption of too much sugar can be harmful to human health in different ways. We need to understand that consumption of anything in excess can be problematic for us, be it the sugar or be it anything else. The sugar that is present naturally in fruits or vegetables is not harmful to us. But the table sugar which is being added to beverages, processed food items, and other dishes is not good for consumption. Here, we are going to tell you about the different advantages and disadvantages of sugar, so that you can know that up to how much amount of sugar consumption is good for you. And what all problems can occur by consuming an excess of table sugar.

Advantages of Table Sugar

Most of the food items which we consume in our day to day life have several benefits. Even the salt also has different advantages. But when we talk about Table Sugar, you need to understand that Table Sugar has only limited advantages. And if not consumed in moderation, then that advantage may also turn into a disadvantage.

Good source of energy – We all are well aware of this fact, and we have mentioned above also that sugar helps in providing us the energy. Our body needs glucose for various functions performed by our body organs. Our body obtains glucose from the carbohydrates only. And as we just mentioned above that sugar is also a form of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates which we get by consuming table sugar get breakdown into the molecules of glucose and sucrose. The molecules of the glucose reach our body organs with the help of the blood and this helps in providing energy to our body to perform various functions. There are many other food items also other than the table sugar that helps in providing the energy to our body. But table sugar is one such thing which contributes highly when it comes to providing the energy to our body. It provides a sudden boost of energy in our body. That is why when anyone feels dizzy or weak, it is suggested to provide them with salt and sugar water so that they can feel better.

Helps in Boosting our mood – This is also true that sugar helps in boosting our mood. Some people say that it happens because of the taste buds whereas it has been researched that table sugar or the added sugar, helps in causing the dopamine rush. And it also boosts our brain’s pleasure center. This helps in making us feel good and it boosts our mood by making us feel happy. That is why, when people are sad or depressed, they tend to eat the food items which have added sugar in them, like soft drinks, ice-cream, sweets, chocolates, cake, etc.

Disadvantages of Table Sugar

The Table Sugar or the Added Sugar is not very good for our health. Consuming them in the limited or controlled quantity is fine. But consuming them in large quantities can lead to different health problems. Let’s know some of the disadvantages of Table Sugar.

So, now you would have understood the advantages and disadvantages of table sugar. We recommend everyone that do consume sugar, but a limited quantity, so that you do not end up suffering from any of the health conditions mentioned above. And we also suggest you reduce the intake of processed sugar food items and beverages, as they are more harmful.

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