There are two types of people, either they love to eat sweet or they love to eat spicily. Sugar is one of the most important ingredients in Indian food. Starting the day with Tea to having Kheer at dinner, sugar is used throughout the day. Most of the Indian food items have sugar in it such as Milk Tea, Mithayi, Kheer, Cooked Pumpkin, Rayeta, Milk for kids, Juice, etc. But, too much sugar can be harmful to the health of an individual, to some it may cause diabetes and some may gain a lot of weight. To prevent ourselves from the harmful after-effects of sugar, we should start adding sugar-free to our diet plan.

There are several benefits of using sugar-free, some are listed here below:

1)  Sugar-free can help in controlling hunger

In the process of Metabolism, the body uses several nutrients to metabolize sugar. Human depletes the nutrients that body stores by repeatedly eating sugar every day. They help the human body from inflammation. It has been observed that eating sugar helps in controlling the hunger which is very important when someone is trying to lose weight. At times a little amount of sugar taken at the right time prevents from consuming too much food which may cause the human body to gain any extra weight. Also, in some cases when the body is lacking in nutrients, a kind of addiction for sugar develops. But, eating the right quality of sugar helps in balancing the sugar level in the blood and dismisses the unnecessary cravings for food. Sugar-free also helps in converting the food into energy and saves the body from storing fat.

2)  Sugar-free cures from harmful diseases

People who eat a lot of sugar face several problems as sugar steals a lot of healthy and required nutrients from the body. This makes the body suffer a lot of health problems such as anemia, osteoporosis and also weakens the immune system. Sugar affects the metabolism process of the body to a huge extent. The release growth hormones are inhibited due to an increased level of insulin in the body. Sugar is also responsible for inflammations and other severe health conditions like hyperactivity, dermatitis and indigestion. No only this much, it has been observed that people who it more sugar are becoming depressed and suffering from second level of depression. All these problems are sured when a person eats sugar-free rather than eating huge quantities of sugar.

3)  Helps in staying healthy and active

As the chemical reactions in the body are triggered due to the consumption of sugar, it promotes inflammation in the body. Eating sugar-free eliminates the process of inflammation and reduces several pains and aches in the body. It saves the immune system from malfunctioning and keeps the body healthy. Eating less sugar will surely show differences in the body.

4)  Sugar-free makes the teeth stronger

 90% of dental disorders are caused by sugar. Sugar increases the growth of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. Although brushing the teeth cleans away the bacteria but still, it’s not able to wipe out all the bacteria from the mouth which ultimately causes dental disorders. Sugar-free does not affect dental health and keeps them white.

5)  Sugar-free prevents the body from gaining extra weight

Reducing sugar in the diet can help in weight loss and maintaining the shape of the body. Fat is the enemy of our body as it destroys our health and makes us suffer several diseases. Although the body needs good fat, not all kinds are fat are good. Much sugar slows down the metabolism in our body, increases fat and makes us feel lazy-drowsy all the time. Sugar-free helps in controlling sugar cravings and prevents the body from gaining bad fat.


Sugar has a lot of disadvantages and makes the human body suffer at a certain age. Most of the adults today suffer from diabetes at the age of 45 and above which is not healthy at all. From brain to stomach, body ache and weight gain, sugar has affected human health for a long time. To prevent ourselves from the side effects of sugar, we need to control it and use sugar-free instead of the actual sugar so that we can live a healthy life and stay strong till the old age.

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