Mustard Oil is one of the most popular oil which we use for cooking. The oil is obtained from mustard plant seeds, by pressing them. Mustard oil has a very different flavor. It is one of the most used Indian oils. People in India do not just use this oil for cooking but it is also being used for massage. In some countries like the United States, Mustard Oil is banned from use in cooking. It is being banned by FDA as it contains erucic acid in it which is said to be harmful to the heart. It is believed that this fatty acid present in it may cause some heart-related problems or diseases. In Hindi, Mustard Oil is known as Sarson Ka Tel. In India, most of the houses in the North prefer to cook their food in mustard oil only. There are many other popular oils also in India like Sunflower Oil, Groundnut Oil, and Olive Oil, etc.

In different states in India, mustard oil is used in different ways. Despite containing the fatty acids and calories, people prefer to cook different dishes in India in mustard oil only. People also use this oil in salads, as it gives a tangy taste. It is being used as face oil, hair oil, and body oil also. Even though some countries have banned the mustard oil for cooking purpose, India continues to use it and has faced no such side effects of it till date. It is also being said that Mustard Oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids in them. Mustard Oil is said to have anti-microbial properties also, that is why people use it in pickles also. All these things make mustard oil a good oil which can be used for various purposes. There are many more reasons also why mustard oil is said to be a good oil, which we will read below.

Different benefits and uses of Mustard Oil

Let’s know a few more benefits and uses of Mustard oil that makes it a good oil.

Good for all the body organs – Mustard Oil is good for the functioning of our body organs. It helps to improve the blood circulation in the body when you massage your body using mustard oil. It makes your body feel refresh and also helps in making your bones and muscles strong. That is why newborn babies are also massaged using mustard oil only. It keeps their body warm and gives them strength.

Good for Arthritis and Joint Pain – For those who are suffering from Arthritis or Joint Pain, Mustard Oil is said to be good for them. As it helps in curing the joint pain and the arthritis pain. When the mustard oil is being massaged on the areas with pain, they help in increasing the blood circulation in those areas and also in the body. This helps in eliminating the pain. Other than this, mustard oil is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, which help in easing out the joint pain and stiffness that occurs during arthritis.

Helps in fighting cancer – It is being said that mustard oil has linolenic acid present in it. This acid helps fight a certain type of cancer. When this acid gets converted into Omega-3 Fatty Acid, it helps in fighting and preventing colon cancer or stomach cancer. This has also been proved in research that mustard oils have some strong properties which help in fighting cancer.

Good for Infections and Rashes – Because of the presence of the anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties in the mustard oil, it is very helpful in treating rashes and infections. If you have any allergy or your skin is itching or is becoming dry, then apply mustard oil on your skin, as it is very effective.

Works as an Insect Repellent – If you want to get rid of mosquitoes or other such insects from biting you, then you can apply mustard oil on your body or skin. Mustard Oil has a pungent smell which is also one of the reasons that mosquitoes and insects stay away from it. So, if you are going out and want to save yourself from mosquitoes, just apply mustard oil.

Good for lightening skin – Many people prefer to massage their face using mustard oil as it has Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin E, present in it. All these vitamins help in providing healthy skin. Mustard oil also works as an anti-aging oil. If you will regularly massage your skin using mustard oil, you will start noticing that your skin tone is improving and you are getting young-looking skin.

So, you can use mustard oil without any worries, as you know now, how good and beneficial they are. The healthy and beneficial properties present in the mustard oil make it a perfect oil for cooking, our health, and our body.


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