Food is the only thing that matters to weight loss and weight gain. The thing is that everybody has not that required information about the type of diet they should take. All humans cannot follow the same diet because there are differences from the body to the body. So, there is a crack found in research which tells how many times one should eat in a day to lose or gain weight.

Eating six meals a day is a better idea than eating three and still, the process of weight loss will be active. These six times meals idea is a plan to balance the sugar levels in the body and quash the hunger.
To ensure the intake of calories remains the same as your daily three-meal routine, the follower will have to calculate and balance the diet plan accordingly. For example, if you consume two Chapatis and A bowl of cooked pulses in your lunch, you must break it into two meals with one chapatti each and half a bowl of the pulse. The increased frequency of meals brings our body at the stage of running the digestion process again and again which will increase the metabolism rate in the body. People feel less hungry while trying six meals a day with the same quantity of food rather than consuming three meals a day. Although we must keep in mind that the six meals we take are healthy ones.

Some examples of meals:

Two Chapatis with a bowl of pulses
One Chapati with a bowl of rice and a bowl of cooked pulses.
A bowl of sprouts with 1 boiled eggs
2 boiled eggs with 2 pieces of bread and orange juice.
Strawberry and spinach salad
Cereals and berries
Pasta and tomato sauce
Kale and red pepper sauté
Oatmeal and blueberries
Leafy greens and lemon juice
Tomatoes & Avocados
Broccoli & Tomatoes
Lemon & Kale
Soy & Salmon
Peanuts & Whole Wheat

Else the combinations are in your hands, just keep in mind that it has to be healthy.
That’s true that a lot of calories burn if we eat more rapidly and this process is responsible for increasing the metabolism rate in the body. However, we must keep in mind that the food consumed is not increased in quantity only breaking the meals into six parts is required.
You must focus on the meal quality and meal size which will ultimately balance the frequency of the food consumed. The body has special reactions to the food digestions process done after protein consumption. A good six meal diet becomes better with 30g protein intake in every meal, it is the best way to achieve the desired health goals.

It is believed that when we get hungry again and again then it is the sign of the metabolism stoke in the body with these frequent and small meals. Just like babies tell us that they are hungry, our body tells us that the previous meal was not enough and more food is required by the body.
Try the six meal idea for 28 days and soon you will feel the change, you will feel much more active, energetic and will also start losing weight.


Eating more frequently doesn’t mean that the consumption of calories is increased but it means that the metabolism rate in the body is increased. So for a better diet, just break the lunch into six parts but do not increase the quantity of food. The food we are eating should be healthy and no junk food is allowed.

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