Soy Milk is a form of milk that is made using soybeans. It is not a new kind of milk which has been introduced recently but it is in use for a long time. In Asia, it is also considered as a part of the traditional diet. And at present, Soy Milk is being used by vegans all over the world. There is a complete process of preparing Soy Milk. The good thing is that one can easily prepare soy milk at home also. However, it is now available in the market also. If you want pure soy milk you can make it at home. As the soy milk which you will buy from the market may have added preservatives in it. These added preservatives are either to store the milk for a long time or to make the soy milk taste good.

How Soy Milk is prepared?

For preparing Soy Milk, first of all, one will have to soak the soybeans in the water overnight. After that, one will need to take off the skin of the soybeans. Then the soybeans and water are being blended together to form the soy milk. The soybeans residue is strained to get the soy milk. Once the soy milk is obtained, one will need to heat it. After that let it get cool down and your soy milk is ready for the consumption. You can add sugar or salt to it according to your preference.

But the question remains the same that whether this soy milk is good for one or not. Below, we have shared some information related to soy milk with the help of which you will know if soy milk is good or not.

Nutritional Value of Soy Milk

Now, as you all know that soy milk is being prepared using soybeans, so you all must be aware of the fact that soy milk is rich in proteins. As soybeans are rich in protein. So, if you are a vegan and you are worried about your protein intake, do not worry now, as you have soy milk to balance the protein in your diet. Talking about carbohydrates and fats, so you will be happy to know that soy milk is low in both carbs and fat. Even the calorie count of soy milk is also low in comparison with cow milk. This means if you are planning to lose weight, you can skip having cow milk or buffalo milk. And you can consume soy milk, without any problem. Soy milk is also low in sugars which are again an advantage.

Looking at the other nutrients, so calcium in soy milk and cow milk is almost the same. But soy milk lacks a few other nutrients like potassium, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B12. In comparison to the cow’s milk, soy milk has more Vitamin K. This is not just a healthy and good alternative for vegans. But if you are lactose intolerant or have any sort of dairy allergy, then also you can switch to soy milk.

Soy Milk: Good or Bad

Soy milk does have some phytochemicals present in them which are good for us. These phytochemicals are helpful in good for reducing menopausal symptoms and they are helpful for cholesterol levels also. Some researches have also shown that soy milk is good for your heart. As it helps in reducing the risk related to different types of heart diseases. As we just mentioned that they are good for the cholesterol levels and it is because they help in reducing the bad cholesterol level. Apart from this, some researches also say that regular consumption of soy milk helps reduce cancer risk.

But further research on this is going on because it is also being said that drinking soy milk can be risky for women as it may cause breast cancer. However, this has not been proved yet, as no such cases have been found where soy milk caused breast cancer. It has been noticed that soy milk helps in reducing the recurrence of breast cancer and reduces the risk of breast cancer in women who have suffered from breast cancer and in other women too.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of soy milk make it perfect milk for regular consumption. But we suggest that if you are allergic to soy, or soy products, you should not drink soy milk. As it may cause the problem to you due to the soy allergy. Also, do not drink too much soy milk, just one or two servings a day is good for you. In the case of breast cancer, you can limit your consumption of soy milk, if you do not want to stop drinking it.

So, now you have read about Soy Milk and you now know that it is not bad for you if you consume it in the right way. Try to consume unsweetened soy milk only as it is said to be healthier than the sweetened soy milk. Also, check with your doctor, if you can drink soy milk or not in case of any allergy.

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