Undoubtedly, it  can be the debate of the decade that, “which is better?” Yoga or Gym. Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices originated since ancient times and is continued till today whereas Gym or gymnasium deals with heavy workouts particularly physical and involves apparatus like barbells, dumbells, parallel bars etc.

Compiling all the reports and researches, we found out that there are unmatched reasons for Yoga being better than the gym. 

To sort this out, we have listed 15 best reasons for the same:


  • Yoga benefits mind, body and spirit


Yoga not only helps in body toning but at the same moment revitalizes and infuses the spirit with positive energy. Whereas gym workout is focused primarily on improving the physical condition of the body.


  • Yoga benefits full-body – externally and internally


Twisting, stretching and folding of the body in yoga proves to be good for the digestive system, the circulatory system, the lymph system, and other parts. It also detoxes the body and improves the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, gym workout just helps in strengthening muscles and boosting cardio.


  • Yoga teaches acceptance


Yoga helps to believe in yourself and that you are perfect with all your strengths and weaknesses. As truly said, “Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.” Gym sessions sometimes makes you feel like a failure if you can’t do everything.


  • Yoga is about focusing on yourself


In many yoga studios, you will find mirrors. So, you are forced to think about your body, muscles, and limbs, whereas, you find a lot of mirrors in the gym where you see and worry about what others are doing.


  • Yoga will make you learn


Muscles build strong when they are stretched. In gymnasium, weights will cause your muscles to bulk up.


  • Yoga is more efficient


Yoga relies on own for strengthening. Various asanas makes body toned and stronger by using one’s own weight. Gym sessions include weights and other equipment which makes muscles isolated and focuses on individual growth.


  • You can do yoga anywhere


Yoga can be done anywhere extending from a studio to small spaces or in homes. A gym workout requires apparatus and more space.


  • Yoga is kinder to body


Yoga heats and builds muscles with the help of various postures and prepares the body for the next position. Whereas, lifting heavyweights in the gym for tempting can cause injuries.


  • Yoga eases aches and pains


Slow stretch of muscles in yoga open energy channels of the body which relieves the body. Gym workout increases pain and causes strain.

  1. Yoga helps you breathe easier

It is harder to breathe in stress times and not just swallow breathe which can cause fatigue.


  • Yoga is calming


We feel calm and observe relaxed expression after practicing yoga unlike grunts and grimacing expressions like gym-goers.


  • Yoga reduces stress


Meditation or Savasana are always included in yoga which clears the mind from all the stresses of the day. Loud music and the competitive environment of the gym increases stress.


  •  Everyone can practice yoga


Yoga is age-independent and anyone of any age group can practice it unlike gym which is not senior-friendly.


  •  Yoga improves concentration


While practicing yoga, one focuses on the breath, posture without any external distractions. Whereas, the gym is clinched with various distractions like loud music and screams.


  • Yoga is rock


After yoga, there are smiles and happy faces everywhere. It promotes the sense of self-acceptance and self-sufficiency and excludes competition. One can feel good vibes all around.

Can you figure out more good to add on this list? Let us know. 

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