Popular South Indian Foods

South Indian Food

Have you ever tried South Indian dishes? If not yet, then you should check out this post. South Indian dishes are irresistible and once you have them, you want more. South India dishes are not just different and unique in their taste, but they are different in the way they are prepared. And you should […]

Health Advantages of Ginger – Garlic – Onion

Diet Plan

In our day to day life, we consume different types of food items which are quite healthy for us. Ginger, garlic, and onions are also among those food items which have numerous health benefits individually. But have you ever tried the combination of ginger, garlic, and onion? If not, then we suggest you try the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Table Sugar

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Adding salt and sugar to our food makes our food taste good. There are different types of food items that we consume in our day to day life which already have sugar present in it. And there are some of the food items or beverages in which we add sugar to make them taste sweet. […]

Egg – Fish – Chicken – Mutton

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Despite the fact that people are turning vegans and vegetarians, there are many of us who love eating eggs, fish, chicken, and mutton. And not just because they are good in taste but because these food items have different benefits. We all have heard a lot that animal products have more nutrients than plant-based products. […]

Why Healthy Diet and Exercise are Essential for Weight Loss?

Healthy Diet Plan

At present, there are a lot of things being said about weight loss. Some people have shared different types of diets for weight loss. Whereas some of the fitness trainers have shared different exercises for weight loss. Obesity is becoming a big health problem these days. It is not just about being fat but it […]

What is BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)?

We all know that our body needs the energy to perform various functions. The food which we eat or the beverages that we take, have calories present in it. With the help of the combination of calories and oxygen, our body gets energy. That energy is then utilized to perform different types of functions. And […]

Does Adding Milk in Your Tea Good?

We know that in India, most of the people are tea lovers. And when we say tea lovers, we do not mean the black tea lovers or green tea lovers. But we are talking about the people who love drinking tea with milk or you can call it milk tea. We know that adding milk […]

Green Tea v/s White Tea

The debate on different types of tea is endless, as everyone prefers to have their own tea, be it the green tea, black, tea, white tea, or the milk tea. Tea is one such beverage that is popular all over the world. In some places, herbal teas are also popular. It is the most consumed […]

Desi Ghee v/s Refined Oil

In our day to day life, we all use Desi ghee also and refined oil also. Both are considered good for cooking, whether you are cooking vegetables in it or you are cooking anything else or you are applying them on the chapatis or parathas. But there are differences between the two. Some people consider […]

Kitchen Spices for Good Health

We all have been using spices in our kitchen from a long time. But we never thought that these kitchen spices can be good for our health also. We always considered these kitchen spices as the ingredients that add flavor or taste to our dishes and make our food spicy. But you should know that […]